Introducing Klik Analytics

Introducing Klik Analytics

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) – The Journey Begins 

The data journey started internally.  To continuously improve the customer experience of the Klik Solutions Helpdesk, Bill Pritchard, then Director of Customer Success was charged with resolving customer service-related issues. Being a student of the numbers, he started digging into the data. He started to drill down to what was working well for customers and where there were gaps that needed attention, all so Klik could provide the best possible customer experience.  He started pulling data from a variety of Connect Wise service products –Manage, Automate and SELL to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of the system.   

As he started to dig into the data more and more, he started to expand his vision. Klik hired Masha Shapoval to provide additional data support.  Additionally, Bill started to explore tools that might provide more powerful visualizations of the data, so it would speak more clearly and more effectively to those that needed to know what the data was saying.   

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Enter Tableau.  Masha and Bill started studying how Tableau could help them really SEE where the data was pointing them. The team started to evolve, and the collaboration started, tapping into Masha’s strength with Tableau and Bill’s business sense that guided him to ask the right questions and adjust the data accordingly.  Over time, and with collaboration from the Chief Technology Officer Roman Shraga and Klik Solutions Owner Arthur Olshansky, Bill and Masha created a series of dashboards that tell the story of the health of their helpdesk service and processes.  They have created a culture that values the data, and it is discussed in their daily service management calls. 

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Branching Out 

Once the analytics “dream team” really developed their data mojo, Bill, Roman, and Arthur discussed branching out and offering data analytics as a service to small and medium-sized businesses.  A business model and pricing scheme was created and all they needed was a proof of concept to test out the model.  Enter client number 1, a large nationwide distributor. The company and a Klik Solutions advisor had an initial conversation around the possibilities of using data to help them identify key indicators and speed up the process of pulling large amounts of data that was previously being done manually with Excel spreadsheets.  An initial meet-up to assess and discover what the company’s data needs were and how the Klik Analytics team could help.  And the proof of concept began.  

Data were collected and integrated into Tableau to address some key indicators discussed.  They created and tweaked gauges that provided not only incredible visualizations of very complex sets of data, but also allowed for drill down into the numbers to truly get at the heart of the problem they were trying to address.  The company saw the tremendous value and brought in some additional senior staff to see the data presented by Bill and Masha.  Seeing the efficiency of the data project along with the visualizations and the power they held, the company was sold on the analytics as a service and our partnership began! 

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Additionally, with the advent of more and more remote workers, a few smaller companies approached their Solutions Advisors about how they could measure the productivity of staff to determine if the remote workers were as productive as their in-house counterparts.  Initially, Bill explored how Tableau could help but came upon another data gem, ActivTrak.  The company provided a demonstration to the customer and Klik’s Analytics team and a partnership were born.  Again, the power of the visualization coupled with the efficiency of data collection made this another tool that could be used alone or with Tableau to address the needs of a business looking to improve employee efficiency and productivity.  

Looking Ahead 

Klik Solutions is now offering Analytics as a Service (AaaS).  We are happy to introduce Klik Analytics to you and outline our streamlined process. First, the Klik Solutions advisor will meet with you to discuss your needs and what areas of data analytics would best address your needs.  Once you decide to proceed, an onboarding consultation will take place where all the logistical matters related to your data needs will be discussed.  A project plan will be developed and then implementation will begin.  Data will be pulled from your data sources and Masha and Bill will work their “data magic” to create gauges and dashboards to display your critical data.  After a series of collaborative calls, the dashboards will be tested and then go live, deploying for real-time use and analysis.  They will be modified and tweaked as needed, and new gauges can always be developed. The key is that they will be tailored to your specific data needs and will be scalable over time.   

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with our amazing data analysts at Klik Solutions, reach out to our Solutions Advisors and schedule a consultation.  With Klik Analytics, Bill’s goal is to become a data evangelist and spread the word about the value of using good data to drive critical business decisions, while building a solid data culture, one business at a time.  Your data can take you places.  Where will your data take you? 

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