Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how protected your organization or franchise’s infrastructure is, serious threats are bound to get through. That’s why we recommend Managed Detection and Response. Through Klik Solution’s IT Security Services and Managed IT Services, you’ll have all the latest MDR technology. Our advanced security services include 24/7 threat detection and response for your work environment. To give you an idea of what these utilities entail, MDR tools involve threat intelligence, hunting, monitoring, analysis, and incident resolution.

Managed Detection and Response.

MDR Cyber Security comes with a wide range of services and subsequent benefits. Here are some of the key MDR Services we offer at Klik Solutions:

  1. Protection from Multi-Vectored Attacks.Hackers are getting pretty creative, they’ve even learned how to pinpoint multiple places, or vectors, of entry. This means, if your network has one vulnerability then you are left very much exposed to these forms of attacks. That’s why our MDR Solutions contain a multi-vectored approach. By using these features:
    • Cyber threat detection. Through the use of advanced endpoint, network, Cloud, and user examinations, we are able to discover active or dormant threats lurking around your system. Once they are detected, the creation of in-depth analyses, logs, and resolutions will ensue.
    • Automated indicators. After scanning, thoroughly examining, and de-weeding your network of unnecessary threats, the Klik team can set you up with an automated notification center that can pick up on past or current threat appearances. This enables you to have the knowledge to take the next steps, even if your IT personnel aren’t around.
    • Edge computing. Safe scalability and cloud computing can be difficult to come across. Because of this, we utilize Edge Computing, to offer you the perks of Cloud computing in a monitored environment. By bringing your storage closer to your data sources, you’ll gain optimal and secure repositories.
  2. Automatic Threat Isolation. Acting fast in breach situations is a must. That’s why we implement rapid and detailed incident response plans:
    • Automatic threat restriction. Giving an attacker time to dwell in your system is one of the worst things you can do. We’ll help you avoid this issue by cutting the virus off by the legs and stopping its chance to spread.
    • Thorough response guidelines. While we love to utilize our automated threat response and containment protocols, we don’t shy away from the dirty work. Our professionals will personally investigate and exterminate any valid threats in your network.
    • Lightening fast investigation and resolution times. Most of the time, your staff is responsible for the incidents leading up to an attack. By offering you and your team a cybersecurity module, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to implement and improve your MDR features.
    • SOC2 Certified Advantages. As a team that has been proudly SOC2 certified since 2021, we have been using that knowledge as an upperhand. We know that your system is constantly changing, and we’re here to accommodate your adaptive atmosphere. By utilizing strong SOC2 compliance standards and the Trust Services Criteria, we are able to constantly strengthen your security standpoint, processing integrity, and confidentiality standards.

Cybersecurity is easily the largest asset to your company. So, don’t let it slip onto the back burner behind all of your other business functions. Call Klik Solutions today at 888-959-1196 for threat protection you can depend on!

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