Cybersecurity Incident Response Services for Small Business

Klik Solutions is a managed IT services provider in Baltimore, Maryland. Our IT security service, including cybersecurity incident response. Our experts have been leaders in cybersecurity, serving customers across the globe.

Incident Response Services aren’t just about strengthening threat response capabilities. At Klik Solutions, we provide preventative risk management, annual feedback, and resolution readiness. Our security incident response for small organizations, as well as large ones, allows you to get ahead of hackers, stop them in their tracks, and prevent them from accessing your network altogether. Annual Incident Response Readiness. We provide a thorough annual Cyber Response Readiness evaluation. We also offer day-to-day services including:
  • Personalized security plans. Before you start using a security plan, one must be created. Our highly trained experts will help you to create a perfect IT incident response for your small business or your large enterprise. After consulting with Klik, a review of current vulnerabilities, and an assessment of your network, we will create an optimal cybersecurity outline for your specific needs.
  • IT support. Lacking the right experts on your team is a recipe for disaster when under a cyberattack. That’s why Klik Solutions is proud to provide round-the-clock support. No matter when your business is under attack, our expert IT specialists are ready to offer 24-hour protection, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Employee training. Let’s face it, most vulnerabilities are exposed by employees or improperly protected endpoints. It’s Klik’s mission to provide your team with the necessary learning to create an impeccably safe cyber-environment.
  • Threat hunting specializations. If you’ve never heard of threat hunters or don’t have the budget for them, we’ve got you covered. At Klik Solutions, we offer top-notch threat hunters and optimized tools that enable risks to be found before they devastate your infrastructure. Don’t worry about the price! Our third-party specialists will support you with protection at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.
  • Incident-related technology reviews. Maintaining a high-maintenance in-house security hierarchy can be crippling to other necessary business functions. We assess your current processes and systems, identify, and implement best practices, and simplify usability. This protects you and provides excellent cybersecurity incident response for your small business or large corporation.
Monitoring and maintaining your Incident Response standards year-round is a process. We use four stages in our plan:
  • Planning. This can be the most critical phase in the process. We carefully research and get to know your company before we create your customized plan.
  • Observation and examination. Once your best practices and compliance standards are in place, it is time to start identifying and analyzing prospective and active risks.
  • Isolation and resolution. After the proper assessment and analysis, our team will work relentlessly to contain and destroy any threats
  • Post-Event Monitoring. Once clean, your system is monitored for similar risks or new types of attacks.
Klik Solutions is here to help you handle critical incidents, resolve immediate cyberattacks, and stop recurrences. Call us at 888-959-1196 to get started on your Incident Response Readiness Analysis today.

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