Managed SIEM Service

SIEM service SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) assistance from Klik Solutions allows you to detect targeted attacks and data leaks. With us as your SIEM Service Providers, you’ll have all the managed IT services and IT security services you could ever ask for. We’ve found a way to take regular old Security Information and Event Management and turn them into an avid threat detector. Our managed SIEM system offers you a user-friendly method of consistent monitoring. While the regular system is useful, it was easy for many threats and alerts to go undetected. Luckily, with the new managed system and Klik Solutions amazing specialists, we’re able to detect, monitor, and handle every threat that comes your way.

Managed SIEM Service.

We appreciate it when our clients make informed decisions! So, below is a list of our managed SIEM solutions:
  1. Unrelenting Software Support.With SIEM as a service, you’ll get IDS and MSSP aid offered in our singular software. Klik’s monthly plans allow you to obtain this software and have it managed by professionals without additional costs.
  2. In-house Installation.We want our clients to see results as soon as they put money down and invest in their security with us. After signing up with us, you’ll promptly receive hardware and software implementation, guidance, and management. Don’t worry about the cost, it’s included with your monthly plan.
  3. Cybersecurity Monitoring .The reason we’re here is to keep your information safe from any and all threats. We’ll handle any possible data leakages or security breaches. So, you can get back to doing what you do best. Running your business and pleasing your clientele.
  4. Live Specialists.Klik Solutions engineers use MSPCV and SOC 2 certifications to actively survey and monitor any possible threats to your system. This way, you’re always in the cybersecurity loop.

SIEM Managed Service Benefits

  • Quick threat response. Here at Klik, we know how fast a hacker can work. Thanks to the monitoring capabilities of your live specialists, you’ll always have the timely responses you need.
  • 24x7x365 security observation. We’ll install a myriad of software and hardware aids to make sure your network is covered at all times. One of our specialists will be monitoring your system for threats constantly.
  • Cost efficiency. Because in-house techs and Security Information and Event Management benefits are much more costly than paying a monthly premium with us, you’ll be gaining resources and saving money.
  • Avoid upcoming popularized threats. Our technicians have a wide range of certifications and know what to look out for when new threats are on the rise. Hackers can get creative with their entry methods, but with our tools and expertise, we’re usually one step ahead of them.
At Klik, we know how hard finding the right provider and Security Information and Event Management can be. Make sure to look at these factors when hiring a provider:
  1. Expertise in Your Field.Finding an IT company that has experience in your line of work is one of the best things you can do for your company. While it can be difficult to find such a company, most large IT organizations have specialists in your industry.
  2. Service Desk Availability.As mentioned earlier, round-the-clock help is incredibly useful. Finding a company with a help desk will allow you to have help with your hardware, software, and other processes when needed.
  3. Positive Reviews.What’s the first thing you do before visiting a restaurant or any other hospitality industry? You check the reviews. Even with important provider decisions, this should be one of the first steps.
If you need help finding the right SIEM solutions or want to see how our company can aid yours (888) 959-1196 call us at or Klik here and set up a consultation today.

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