Cybersecurity Insurance for Dummies

Webinar cover Cyber insuarance

Don’t miss out on our essential webinar “Cybersecurity Insurance for Dummies” on January 25, 2024. In an era where cyber threats are escalating rapidly, understanding the role of cyber insurance in your business’s security strategy is not just important, it’s critical. Join us to uncover how you can safeguard your organization against the ever-evolving digital dangers and ensure compliance in the fast-paced cyber landscape.


Through an interactive discussion and sharing of use cases, this webinar will give you the scoop on how cyber insurance can provide a safety net against various cyber threats and breaches, and its role in creating your comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. By walking through a typical insurance application, participants will also learn about the latest compliance requirements and how cyber insurance aids in meeting these standards, so you are cybersecurity compliant. The webinar will also discuss best practices for selecting and managing cyber insurance policies, tailored to meet the unique needs and risks faced by businesses in today’s interconnected world.

Why Join:

This webinar is a must-attend for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity insurance and understand its role in a comprehensive cyber-defense plan.

Who Will Benefit:

This webinar, “Cybersecurity Insurance for Dummies,” will be particularly beneficial for:

  • Business Leaders: Essential for understanding cybersecurity insurance in risk management.
  • IT and Cybersecurity Experts: Insightful for integrating insurance into cybersecurity strategies.
  • Risk Management and Compliance Professionals: Beneficial for aligning insurance with regulatory compliance.
  • HR Personnel: Useful for developing employee engagement in cybersecurity awareness.
  • Small and Medium Business Owners: Practical for leveraging insurance in cybersecurity efforts with limited resources.
  • Financial and Legal Advisors: Informative for advising on cybersecurity insurance’s financial and legal aspects.
  • General Cybersecurity Enthusiasts: Accessible for anyone interested in the intersection of cybersecurity and insurance.

About the Speakers:

Roman Shraga, CTO at Klik Solutions

Roman has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry.  He is a passionate leader who drives digital transformation and delivers excellent results for his clients.  With a strong background in security awareness training, policy development, and risk management,

Roman is passionate about creating a culture of security within organizations to ensure long-term protection against cyber threats. Join him in this webinar to tap into his wealth of knowledge and expertise in building a secure corporate culture to empower businesses and organizations to achieve their goals. 

C. Kieffer Rittenhouse, Subject Matter Expert, Cybersecurity Insurance

Kieffer is a dynamic professional with a diverse range of roles and qualities. He has been vice president and partner with Integrated Insurance Solutions for over 12 years. His passion for connecting people and solving complex problems helps him thrive in client advocacy, leadership, and entrepreneurial endeavors. He constantly seeks opportunities to innovate and make a positive impact. He prioritizes client needs, addresses concerns, and exceeds expectations. His ability to think outside the box, helps him find innovative solutions to complex problems. As a leader, he inspires and guides others toward achieving their full potential. He drives success by identifying market gaps and taking

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