Microsoft Office 365 Managed Service

managed services office 365 Making sure your Microsoft applications are up-to-date, running safely, and serving their purpose for your business needs is one of our top priorities. That’s why we offer comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 management services for small to large enterprises. With us as your Office 365 service provider, you’ll get 365 IT Services, Managed IT Services, and Cloud Services from your team at Klik Solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 Managed Service

Our 365 Managed IT services are practically unbeatable. Here are some examples of how we can make your Microsoft office 365 managed services work to your advantage:
    1. User Guidance. While some of your employees may be seasoned Microsoft professionals, we still want to make sure everyone is on the same page. So, we offer different tiers of support, including L1, L2, L3. By offering these levels of assistance, you are prepared for simple and complex issue resolutions.
    1. Management and Optimization. At Klik Solutions, we believe in taking as much stress off you as possible. To reach this objective, we will monitor the subscription and administration aspects of your managed services office 365. Also, our staff will run frequent health tests to make sure your program is running optimally. While we take care of the speed and well-being of your Microsoft applications, we also strive to keep it as secure as possible. Because we know how much vital data can be encased within this frequently used program.
  1. Implementation and Updates. Office applications are meant to be modified for your needs, the program actually runs better that way. We’ll help make certain business processes on Microsoft automatic by redesigning the structure to fit your demands. Not only can we help you personalize your account, but we can also help you implement spin-off applications like the intranet, ticketing, help desk, and DMS.

Benefits of Managed Microsoft Applications

  • Accessibility features. We want you to get a hold of us anytime an issue arises. That’s why we offer multiple communication platforms. Such as phone, email, case documentation, instant messaging, and even social media. This way you can reach us anytime on any platform you choose.
  • Optimal security. Our technicians have secured some of the best safety certifications in the business. Many of them even possess ethical hacking authentications. So we can manipulate your system, test its penetrability in every aspect, resolve any issues by eliminating threats, and vamp up defense measures.
  • Economical solutions. When you get managed Office 365 services through us you get licensing and subscriptions at a discounted price.
  • Preventative measures. Our staff will help you increase your company efficiency by frequently monitoring your system for potential issues and preventing incidents before they occur. When your network is always up and running, so is your business.
  • Versatility. All of our services are extremely flexible. This means the only features you’ll have to pay for are the ones you need. We’ll even offer flexibility on certain cooperation, time, and term processes.
  • 365 coverage. You’ll get full coverage over all of your Office applications, any time of day and year.
Our team works tirelessly every day to make sure yours doesn’t have to. Call us today at 888-959-1196 or Klik here and schedule a meeting to see how our resources can improve your business. Don’t miss out on the full extent of your Microsoft applications. Contact us and we’ll help you value every last inch of your 365 programs.

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