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Klik Solutions is more than just IT!
At Klik Solutions, we care about your business. From the very beginning, we work closely with you to learn about your challenges and goals. Armed with the right technology and unique IT approach, we help your business grow and succeed. We provide a positive, enjoyable, and personal IT experience that inspires a culture of success for our clients, which then spreads to their people and their customers. We do this by consistently challenging the established idea of IT Support being solely a technology perspective.

SOC 2 Compliance

Why is SOC 2 Audit so critical?
Last year, we committed ourselves to taking our internal security operations to the next level. After 6 months of hard work, we successfully passed an AICPA SOC2 Type 1 Audit. An AICPA SOC2 Type 1 Audit is a regulator-required examination of an organization's internal controls conducted by an independent auditor. Customers can be confident that their security needs will be met with transparency, their data will be managed by MSSP with security, and their IT partner is compliant with all relevant regulations. Klik is always here to support you and protect your business!


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Improve billable hours and client satisfaction with reliable, responsive IT support and strategic guidance. 

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Enhance project management with cloud-based tools that streamline collaboration, scheduling, and budgeting. 

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Enhance patient care with IT solutions that increase productivity, security, and compliance. 

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Boost your accounting and financial performance with our comprehensive managed IT solutions.

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Increase efficiency and productivity with tailored IT strategies that align with your nonprofit’s mission and goals. 

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Transportation and logistics

Streamline your transportation and logistics operations with our comprehensive managed IT, cybersecurity, and cloud services tailored for your industry.

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Real Estate and Property Management

Get cutting-edge IT solutions and support so you do what you do best: sell and manage properties.

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Supply Chain Industry

Where patient care meets precision technology, Klik is your ideal partner to navigate the specific IT needs of the dental industry.

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Dental Practice

Klik Solutions provides the perfect IT and cyber support for everything from manufacturing to shipping, logistics, and transportation.

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Klik Solutions - A part of Klik Holdings

Klik Solutions, our managed IT and security business, is just one business under the broader umbrella of Klik Holdings, which includes several additional businesses and services below.

The role of managed security and IT services in the digital world

Technological progress has changed the way businesses operate today. Almost everything is driven by the internet, cybersecurity, and IT solutions. So, businesses must organize their IT to increase productivity and efficiency. However, managing cybersecurity and IT support services is not an easy task. It requires extensive expertise and experience in designing comprehensive IT solutions.

Managed security, IT solutions, and other components

Informational technology, or IT, refers to the set of methods and processes that involve the usage of computers, websites, and the internet. Considering extensive digitalization, all IT-related functions and tools need management, support, and maintenance. This is why managed security and IT support services are essential. They provide support for all kinds of security and IT solutions such as network setup, database management, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc. The key purpose of an IT support service provider is to make sure that IT infrastructure functions seamlessly and stays protected.

How to choose the right Security and IT services provider

So, what should you consider when choosing an MSSP?

First, you have to determine your IT needs and business goals. Keep in mind that IT solutions tailored to your specific business needs are the key to overall success.

Here is where an MSSP comes in handy. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is designed to help businesses with IT infrastructure and take care of all IT needs. It is the most effective option for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing premium quality services at affordable prices. Hiring an onsite IT team requires time and additional expenses, as well as some degree of home-grown expertise. With an MSSP, those worries disappear. You no longer need to devote time and energy to business security, team working conditions, and staying current with the latest technologies and tools.

With an MSSP like Klik Solutions, you don’t need to hire an in-house IT team. Instead, you can focus on your regular team and rely on the experts to provide IT consulting services and support for your organization. The entire IT infrastructure will be managed and supervised by dedicated experts, so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals.

Remote work has become increasingly common, and more and more businesses need to be flexible and adaptable. MSSPs help to implement the most effective, customized applications for remote teams. Modern IT solutions like Slack, Teams, and more make a remote workforce both easy to implement and extremely effective.

Another essential component of overall business success is being current with the latest technology. When you have an MSSP on your team, you will be using the most effective tools available on the market and will receive expert advice on modern applications and solutions. Managed security service providers have the resources, time, and skills to implement new technologies. Most of them are official partners of well-known IT solutions and systems developers. MSSPs also provide all the necessary upgrades and patching, promptly without interrupting your workflow.

With an MSSP you have the option to choose on-demand IT support. This refers to the process of providing technical support whenever an issue or problem arises. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee, companies pay their trusted IT service provider for each service. Businesses that don’t like to commit to long-term packages and deals can just invest in on-demand IT support. Aside from convenience, it also provides businesses with immediate support and service whenever they need it.

Modern business is actively moving to the cloud. Partnering with qualified experts will turn this process into a stress–free experience. In addition, more and more service providers are starting to develop their cloud computing services to help organizations benefit from this technology. With cloud computing, it will be easier for you to access your data and network -- anywhere, anytime.

With an MSSP you will have an IT service desk or help desk that gives a single point of contact to ensure your technical issues or incidents are addressed quickly and effectively, so your business can continue to operate.

Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring is required when it comes to cybersecurity. Focus on preventive measures. MSSPs monitor your systems 24/7/365 to make sure there is nothing to worry about. Avoid sudden damages and downtimes while saving your peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed security and IT services?

Managed security and IT services provide IT support for all kinds of tech-related issues. This includes developing tailored security and IT strategies, setting up and maintaining networks, migrating your systems to the cloud, organizing reliable cybersecurity protection, and providing 24/7 monitoring. Our goal is to ensure that your network and infrastructure are working seamlessly.

What is meant by IT support?

Comprehensive security and IT support includes a wide range of services provided to companies by a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). At Klik Solutions, we focus on your business goals and develop an individual IT strategy that is precisely tailored to address the business needs of our customers. We focus on reliable cyber protection of your business, to increase productivity and optimize costs.

Why do companies need managed security and IT support services?

A successful support team helps businesses efficiently manage the entire infrastructure and align their business goals with the latest technology. In the modern digital age, businesses need to organize IT for both productivity and efficiency. Managing the security and IT in a company, large or small, can be complicated and requires extensive expertise and experience, which Klik Solutions provides so you don’t have to.

What do our team members do?

Our team of professionals becomes YOUR team, maintaining your company networks in many ways, including: :

  • providing technical support
  • ensuring workflows run smoothly
  • implementing solutions when issues arise
  • providing expert consultation when needed
  • collaborating to develop customized IT solutions
  • recommending hardware and software solutions, based on your needs
  • and monitoring your networks 24/7.

How do these services help support businesses?

An MSSP helps businesses with IT infrastructure by taking care of all security and IT needs. It is the most effective option for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to access premium quality services at affordable prices. Your business gets comprehensive security and IT support while reducing overall costs.


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