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About Klik Solutions

Klik Solutions is more than just IT

At Klik Solutions we care about your business. From the very beginning, we work closely with you to learn about your challenges and goals. Armed with right technology and unique IT approach, we help your business grow and succeed.

We provide positive, enjoyable and personal IT experience that inspires a culture of success for our clients which then spreads to their people and their customers. We do this by consistently challenging the established idea of IT Support being solely a technology perspective.

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Klik Solutions

Managed IT Services

We help to create and maintain working environment that boosts productivity and helps to stay focused.

That demand the highest performance and productivity from technology to maximize their capabilities. Klik Solutions has reimagined IT Services to support your entire organization like never before. Complete Managed IT Services has you all covered with a flexible, inclusive IT model precisely tailored to optimize your organization, people, and clients.


Cyber Security

Successful data breaches are incredibly common as organizations struggle to keep pace with unrelenting security threats.

Reducing risk and impact of attacks are basic requirements to operating in a digital world. Klik Solutions Managed IT Security combines expertise from the most secure organizations in the world with tailored security strategies, next gen tools, and personalized guidance. Give your organization and clients confidence while eliminating the complexity and cost of IT Security.


Cloud Experts

Your organization already leverages the cloud to advance business in some fashion.

Email, business applications such as organization management, HR, finance, sales and others are typical cloud examples. Klik Solutions has set a new benchmark for how organizations experience the cloud. As an expert Cloud Services Provider, we’ve combined an uncommon mastery of cloud expertise, end user support, and detailed application knowledge for a cloud experience distinctly crafted to fit your organization.


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About Klik Solutions

There are thousands of Managed IT Services providers IT Consultants in any market in the US. As business owners, technologists, and end users just like you, we realize that any Managed Services Provider can offer the same IT services. What Klik Solutions set out to build is an amazing experience for our clients and theirs.

We started with leadership with successful backgrounds across technology and non-tech with a combined perspective that enables us to see your organization through your eyes. Successful innovators attract successful people, which is how we aligned with global IT leadership from companies like Unilever, General Dynamics, Kaiser Permanente, Google, Toyota, and others. Combined, we built a unique technical organization that delivers Enterprise level service, ingenuity, and expertise to any size organization.

Integrating technology and your organization goes beyond technical knowledge. To truly transform your organization, it takes a team of technical and non-technical leadership working in tandem with your people. With Klik Solutions, you benefit from unbiased technology, security, cloud, and business experts working as one to deliver comprehensive solutions distinctly created for your business.

This level of technology leadership empowers our organization as a whole to focus on your experience rather than chase technology. Our non tech leadership bridges the gap between technology and your vision to provide you with a deeper business partnership dedicated wholly to your organizational success. End user satisfaction, a personal touch, collaboration with your organization to find areas of growth are all part of how our team works tirelessly towards a more rewarding client experience.



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The role of IT support services in the digital world

The technological progress has changed the way businesses operate nowadays. Almost everything is driven by the internet and IT solutions. In the modern world, being IT competitive means being competitive in general. So businesses need to organize their IT support services in order to increase productivity and efficiency. However, managing IT support services is not an easy task, which requires an extensive expertise and experience in elaborating tailored IT solutions.

IT solutions and other components

Information technology or IT refers to the set of methods and processes that involve the usage of computers, websites, and the internet. Considering an extensive digitalization all IT-related functions and tools need management, support and maintenance. This is where IT support services are essential. They provide support to all kinds of IT solutions such as network setup, database management, cloud computing, cyber security etc. The key purpose of IT Support Service provider is to make sure that IT infrastructure is functioning seamlessly and reliably protected.

How to choose the right IT Support Service provider

So what to consider when making decision about choosing an IT Support Service Provider and getting the proper technical support for a business?

First you have to determine your IT needs and business goals. Keep in mind that IT solutions tailored to your specific business needs are the key to the overall success.

That is where Managed IT Service comes handy. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is designed to help businesses with IT infrastructure taking care of all IT needs. It is the most effective option for small and medium sized-business which allows having premium quality services at affordable price. In other words, your business gets a comprehensive professional IT support while reducing the overall costs. Hiring an onsite IT team requires time and additional expenses. But with a Managed IT Service provider your business and your life will improve overall. You will not need to worry about business security, teams’ working conditions, and being on top of the latest technologies and tools.

Let’s look at some important details. Collaboration with Managed IT Service Provider gives a reliable security to your business. 24*7 monitoring and the most modern tools allow detecting any possible threats and preventing invasions.

You don’t need to hire an in-house IT team. The more people you manage, the more stressful this task is. Having the opportunity to outsource the whole department will save you energy and money. You can focus on your team and rely on experts who provide IT Consulting Services and Support For Your Organization. The entire IT infrastructure will be managed and supervised by dedicated experts, so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals. The best modern tools and preciously tailored complex solutions will make you workflow smooth and efficient.

Remote work has become our new normality, so all businesses need to be flexible and adaptable. Managed IT service provider helps to implement the most effective customized applications for working from home to maintain the usual level of productivity for your team. In 2020, there is no need to worry about lack of communication between team members. There are many applications with remote admin capabilities that keep people connected. Most popular ones are Teams, Slack, Skype, Zoom and Google hangouts. To successfully track team’s progress and effectiveness, you can use software such as Planner, Trello and Asana. Cloud technology made it possible for businesses to remotely store, access and share company’s files and resources from anywhere. Modern IT makes remote workforce easy and extremely effective.

Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring is required when it comes to cyber security. If you don’t want to deal with sudden damages and downtimes and have a peace of mind you have to focus on preventive measures. IT Support Service provider monitors your systems 24/7/365 to make sure there is nothing to worry about.

Another essential component of the overall business success is being current with the latest technology. When you have an MSP in your team, you will be using the most effective tools available on the market and get an expert advice on modern applications and solutions. Managed service providers have resources and skills to implement new technologies. Most of them are official partners of well-known IT solutions and systems developers. MSPs also provide all the necessary upgrades in time without interrupting your workflow. This helps to focus on strategy and achieving the primary business objectives.

With MSP you have an option to choose on-demand IT support. This refers to the process of providing technical support whenever an issue or a problem arises. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee, companies pay their trusted IT service provider for each individual service. Businesses that don’t like to commit to long-term packages and deals usually just invest in on-demand IT support. Aside from its convenient, it also provides businesses with immediate support and service whenever they need them.

Modern business is actively moving to the Cloud. Partnering with qualified experts will turn this process into a stress –free experience. On top of this more and more service providers are starting to develop their cloud computing services to help organizations benefit from this technology. With cloud computing, it will be easier for you to access your data and network from anywhere.

With an MSP you will have an IT service desk or help desk which gives a single point of contact to ensure your technical issues or incidents are addressed quickly and effectively so your business can continue to operate.

Benefits of IT Consulting Services and Support For Your Organization

Managed IT service provider offers IT Consulting Services and Support for Your Organization ranging from 24/7 monitoring of IT infrastructure, help desk support, cloud solutions, modern applications, cyber security tools to Customized Business IT solutions, high-level expert advice on-demand, consulting regarding all IT related issues and so on. Collaboration with an MSP provides proactive IT support and technology management at affordable price and allows you to be several steps ahead of competitors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are IT support services?

IT support services refer to the process of providing IT support to all sorts of IT-related issues such as elaboration of the tailored IT strategy, network setup and maintenance, moving to the cloud, organizing a reliable cyber security protection and providing 24/7 monitoring. The key goal of IT services is to make sure that all IT-related systems work seamlessly.

What is meant by IT support?

The comprehensive IT support includes wide range of services provided to companies by Managed IT service provider. At Klik Solutions we focus on your business goals and develop an individual complex IT strategy which is preciously tailored to address business need of every our customer. We focus on reliable cyber protection of your business, increasing productivity and IT costs optimization.

Why companies need IT support?

IT team helps business efficiently manage the entire IT infrastructure and align the business goals with the latest technology. In the modern world, being IT competitive means being competitive in general. So businesses need to organize their IT support services in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Managing IT support services is complicated and requires an extensive expertise and experience.

What does an IT support person do?

IT support expert maintains all companies’ networks, provides technical support, ensure that the workflow runs smoothly, implements IT solutions, provides IT consulting when it is required, develops customized IT solutions and monitors the entire infrastructure. IT support person also makes recommendations regarding choosing hardware and applications.

How does it support business?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is designed to help businesses with IT infrastructure taking care of all IT needs. It is the most effective option for small and medium sized-business which allows having premium quality services at affordable price. In other words, your business gets a comprehensive professional IT support while reducing the overall costs.

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