3 Reasons why you need a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

3 Reasons why you need a vCIO

vCIO is somewhat a new term, and it stands for Virtual Chief Information Officer. A Virtual CIO serves as a dedicated IT resource for your business with a flexible schedule. A vCIO’s responsibility is to help you with your IT strategy and ensure your budget meets your goals. If you are a small or medium-sized business and wonder why you need vCIO, you are not alone. Today we’ll take a look at how your business can benefit from a vCIO.

1. Modern Technologies to improve your business 

We see technology evolving at a rapid pace. As an owner of the company, with all the responsibilities and busy schedules, you probably do not have time to keep up with emerging technology and be up-to-date with your technology. vCIOs will help you constantly monitor the emerging technologies and know about new tools that can increase efficiency with your business. Knowing your struggles, they will recommend solutions that are right for you, so you can work more efficiently and with fewer obstacles. 

2. Helping with remote work 

Today, with a lot of people working from home, all the tools should work together flawlessly. vCIOs help with selecting the right applications, support, communication policies, and developing a strategy that perfectly fits your business model. 

3. Cyberattacks Protection 

We all know that cyberattacks are real threats for businesses of all sizes. A vCIO performs risk assessments, oversees data protection, and training needed to protect your business from any possible breaches. Security is an essential part of any operation, and vCIO ensures it is stable and reliable. 

Having vCIO is like having expert-level support that provides you with guidelines, suggestions, and recommendations to boost effectiveness, prevent risks, and overall improve business operations.   

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