4 Reasons why you need Disaster Recovery

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What is disaster recovery, and why do you need it? IT infrastructure is not fully immune to failures. Because of various types of possible failures, you may lose your data, and, as a result, your reputation. Disaster Recovery is a set of policies, tools, and procedures designed to quickly restore your vital systems and operations to reduce negative impact to a minimum. With a plan in place, you can sleep well at night, knowing that if something happens, you will be back to normal in no time. There are four main reasons why the Disaster Recovery plan is a must-have for every company, small or big. 

1. Hardware failures  

Unfortunately, hardware does not live forever. It tends to fail at some point when its useful life comes to an end. So, there is always a chance of hard disk or internet connection failures. A Disaster Recovery plan will ensure that those failures do not cause service interruption or data loss. The less expensive option would be regular backups. But ideally, both are needed for flawless operations.  

2. Human Errors 

People are not perfect, and they make mistakes. Human error can be as small as a typo or can be as big as deleting a chunk of data. Together with firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software, Disaster Recovery will protect your systems from any outcomes those errors can cause.   

3. Cyber Attacks 

In the world of advanced technology, we face advanced cyber attackers. They can be very creative with their ways, so it is extremely important to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place together with Quality Assurance and checking and double-checking practices. Antivirus and spyware are the best partners in this protection game. 

 4. Ensuring Customers Trust 

How you handle any IT infrastructure issues will depend on customers’ trust in you as a company. You do not want to compromise your reputation by not being able to be back and running when customers need your services. Disaster Recovery will get you covered, and your customers’ trust will remain intact if something ever happens. 

The best way to protect your systems is to have a combination of Disaster Recovery Plan, Regular Back-ups, Firewall, and Antivirus software. The price will be too high if something happens, and you will not be able to restore your business.   

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