Managed Antivirus and Malware Software

managed antivirus services

Are you looking for some user productivity reassurance to aid your business? With Klik Solutions as your Managed IT Service Provider, you’ll get just this. We offer monitored protection against viruses and malicious ware with Managed IT Services and IT Security Services.

Managed Antivirus and Malware Software

Our Managed Antivirus Services will allow you to have accurate defenses against hard-to-spot and new emerging threats. Along with these features, you’ll receive optimal use of your resources and total control of your network. Here’s how our Managed Antivirus Software can provide it to you:

  1. Evading Hard-to-Spot Threats.Our localized antivirus management is best known for keeping current and upcoming malicious ware off of your industry’s infrastructure. We keep the malware managed by implementing behavioral analytics that stay familiar with common or transpiring risks. These managed antivirus master services utilize heuristic evaluations, they are certain to detect currently unidentified system contaminations.
  2. Getting Ahead of Common and Emerging Risks.
    • Heuristic Evaluations. These managed antivirus solutions include heuristic checks that find new and virtually undetectable hazards outside of normal business operations. Enabling us to recognize contaminants before they even get close to your network.
    • Complete MSP RMM Managed Antivirus Scans. We’ll prevent contaminants from entering your mainframe using signature-based evaluations.
    • Constant Monitoring and Behavioral Analytics. These real-time monitoring capabilities catch even the most vicious ware off guard.
  3. Optimal Resource Use.
    • Exception Performance. We’ll decrease excess resource utilization by incorporating multiple lightweight scans into your detection regimen.
    • Precise Accuracy. These extremely accurate examinations will reduce the chances of your system discovering and wasting time on false threats.
    • Time-Efficiency. With us, you have jurisdiction over when and what scans occur. Allowing optimal process efficiency.
  4. Total Network Control.
    • Automated Procedures. These control tactics permit you to have leverage over some of those pesky hardware and software default policies.
    • Simple Setup. Here, you can implement your evaluations over all of your intended systems at once.
    • Process Authority. We empower you to start or stop scans at a moment’s notice, you decide.

Key Service Benefits

  • Policy Flexibility. Have one central customized set of procedures that allows you to control all of your devices.
  • Main Dashboard. A software solution that lets you evaluate and manage all of your devices from a single interface.
  • Reporting Services. Find out how threats are infiltrating and affecting your system with our constant data logs. Enabling you to view recent contaminants in real-time.
  • Multiple Safeguard Layers. A system that was created to safeguard your client’s endpoints, network, and servers.

At Klik Solutions, we want to make sure our clients have complete governance, protection, and support. To find out more information on how we do that, call (888) 959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting.

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