5 cybersecurity mistakes to avoid in 2021

5 cybersecurity mistakes

The pandemic has forced us to transform the way we work, and 2021 is no different. With the boost of digital transformation and remote workplaces operating via cloud-based platforms, cybersecurity threats rapidly increased. Making cybersecurity a top priority for businesses.

In 2020, 95% of cybersecurity breaches were mistakes made by individuals within the company. In 2021 we can mitigate risks by avoiding these five common cybersecurity mistakes.

1. Thinking you can’t be a target.

Any business, regardless of its size and industry, is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Every organization has valuable information. Often, hackers target small and mid-sized organizations because the smaller business is, the less likely it is to have adequate cyber defenses.

2. Delaying updates.

Software updates are not meant to complicate a users’ experience but fix security weaknesses in the programs and applications you use. So every time you see an update notification, install it immediately.

3. Not having cybersecurity training.

As we have mentioned above, data breaches are most often caused by mistakes within the organization. Start training your employees about cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them. This way, they will be able to help your company in preventing potential attacks.

4. Thinking cybersecurity is only an IT issue

Cybersecurity is not just a set of tools and programs aimed to stop hackers. But, it is a comprehensive concept that includes customized strategy, policy, and processes. Technology is only a part of it. You have to create a holistic system to get an effective defense.

5. Skipping continuous monitoring.

Preventive measures are the cornerstone of reliable cyber protection. Constant 24/7 monitoring is essential to detect any suspicious activity and take action in time.

As hackers continually develop their tools and approaches, cybersecurity experts develop new ways of protection. It is getting more complicated for anyone who isn’t specialized in this industry to follow the latest trends. With the critical role of cybersecurity, it is wise to delegate cyber defense to professionals. At Klik Solutions, we take cybersecurity seriously. CONTACT US and get hackers out of your nightmares.

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