5 ways to use Azure to benefit your business

Microsoft Azure
The role of cloud computing technology is becoming larger day by day due to the benefits it brings to businesses and individual users. Despite the increased knowledge of cloud services, this technology is still primarily associated with data storage, and increasing availability. But cloud computing, Microsoft Azure in particular offers much more. Discover 5 ways Azure can benefit you and your company.

1. Virtual machines for remote work.

Azure allows creating virtual machines accessible via a desktop client on any device from any location with an Internet connection. These machines can be easily turned on and off. So, such an option simplifies working from anywhere while staying cost-effective.

2. A VPN.

To keep your data secure, Azure provides multiple ways on how to connect to a VPN called VPN Gateway. This Microsoft Azure service is intended for hybrid cloud scenarios for connecting on-premise systems to virtual networks. This allows you to have private Internet access.

3. Low-cost backups.

Azure backup service provides a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution for data backups and recovery. Blob Storage a service offered by Azure is a convenient tool for a low-cost backup option. Depends on your needs and preferences you can choose between two tiers available.

4. Web-site hosting.

A web site hosting has never been so simple. Microsoft Azure offers multiple options for this purpose. Starting from simple and cheap blob storage to host a static website, a virtual machine for blogs or low-traffic web sites to the advanced option of using Azure App Services.

5. Cloud gaming.

Cloud technologies can be used not only for work but also for fun. Gaming on the cloud is quite similar to watching videos online. A powerful server runs a game instead of on your device and stream the gameplay video back to your local machine. So you don’t need to upgrade your hardware to experience the latest games which makes gaming low cost and mobile. Cloud computing is evolving pretty fast, so in the nearest future, we’ll discover more ways of how we can benefit from using this technology. So, if you still thinking about moving to the cloud or leveraging the cloud, contact us for more questions. We’ll make sure that you get the best for your business. Klik here for a proposal
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