5g mobile network, will it change IT security?

5g mobile networks

Progress does not stay still. Mobile technologies get more and more advanced. Some of us can still remember the 1G network with only voice capability, and now we are entering the 5G era that is going to digitalize the world.  

What is 5G? 

5G is a new generation mobile network. Many people talk about speed and how fast it is, but it is way more than that. It is capable of connecting virtually everything and everyone including not only devices but machines and other objects.  

Wireless 5G technology is faster, stronger and smarter. It expands the view of mobile network by providing massive capacity, higher performance and unified user experience.  

What are the benefits of 5G 

1. Enhanced mobile use 

5G is designed to respond to traffic growth demands and higher consumer experience needs.  

2. Extensive Internet of things (IoT) 

IoT is a system of computer devices, digital and mechanical machines connected together and able to transfer data between each other over a network.  

3. Critical Communication 

5G is transforming industries with extremely reliable, low-latency channels that can be compared to remote control of critical infrastructure, devices, and machines. 

Security Threats of 5G and How to Respond 

Together with great things, 5G brings great threats. Faster speed and interconnectivity between devices create more entry points for cyberattacks. The attacks can be at the scale we have never seen before. 

Botnet attacks is another great threat. With a new network, those attacks will spread much faster and more effectively.  

Needless to say, to be able to respond to new generation threats we need to have new generation cybersecurity. At Klik Solutions, we know exactly what security regulations are needed for 5G technology, we work with providers to ensure strict cybersecurity rules and regulations are in place. We make certain your business is ready for the revolutionary 5G invasion.  

It is better to be proactive and protect yourself now – Get a FREE Proposal Today!  

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