6 reasons why real estate companies need Managed Service Providers

Real Esate and MSPs

The real estate market is very competitive and fast. Deals can roll out any time and need to be closed quickly. Most of the customers expect to get a premium quality service, and there are lots of stages in the sales and closing process. So, real estate agents need to work quickly, efficiently, without interruption. Nowadays they rely on different technologies, but technologies can also cause big troubles when errors occur.

On top of this real estate agents deal with lots of sensitive data, so cyber attacks can potentially cause an irrecoverable damage to your processes and the business’ reputation.

Here are six reasons why real estate companies should consider a partnership with a Managed Service Provider.

1. Efficiency

All IT infrastructure will be managed and supervised by MSP experts, so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals. The best modern tools and preciously tailored complex solutions will make you workflow smooth and efficient.

2. 24*7*365 monitoring and support

MSPs work day and night, seven days a week. Even when you sleep you can be sure that your network infrastructure is properly monitored, and all potential threats are identified and neutralized.

3. Reliable document management and storage

Even a small company needs to keep contracts and clients’ personal data safe. But when it comes to a large real estate agency you undoubtedly need professional assistance. Powerful cloud solutions with a wide range of backup options will help to organize and store data securely.

4. Synchronizing and effective communication

real estate agencies operate world-wide and have multiple branches, so they need reliable communication instruments to be online when it’s essential and to exchange sensitive information safely. For example, they need wireless devices that provide “in-the-field” access to files and documents. These layers of connectivity create complex support issues.

5. Access to new technology

Managed service providers have resources and skills to implement new technologies. Most of them are official partners of well-known IT solutions and systems developers. MSPs also provide all the necessary upgrades in time without interrupting your workflow. This helps you to focus more on improving your business.

6. Scalability

Scaling up the team and working with more agents could mean enlarging your current IT infrastructure to address the need. With an MSP scaling your business up turns into a smooth and easy process.

Focus on your business and trust your Managed IT service provider in taking care of your technology.

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