7 months after the lockdown, How businesses are affected

Business Lockdowns
The COVID -19 pandemic has dramatically changed businesses everywhere. There isn’t any industry that was not impacted—good or bad—by the global lockdown. And now, seven months later, everyone is looking forward to returning to the new normal. But how will the future of business look like and have the challenges we faced during the pandemic become a game-changer? Bill Pritchard, Customer Success Director, shares some information on how our clients have been affected by the lockdown and provide his vision about the future of business operations.

1. Switching their focus.

Lots of companies had or will have to adjust their business models to keep their business profitable in the new reality. One example of this from our clients is a moving company. With nobody moving as much, they had to focus more on college students who moved out from campuses to their homes.

2. Making work from home convenient for everyone

None of our customers left our partnership and all of them managed to switch to remote working, assisted, and supported by Klik Solutions.

3. Technology became more important than ever.

Technologies play a significant role in the modern world, and this trend was accelerated by COVID-19. With the increased demand, new tools, applications, and solutions are developing rapidly. For business owners, this means the better the variety to choose from. Here at Klik, we’ll give you our expert advice on the applications that you need.

4. Not all businesses will suffer.

Due to increased demand for certain products and services, some of the industries has doubled in revenue. Non-profits organizations also managed to adjust quite well and continue their socially important activities efficiently.

5. Adapting to the new reality.

Our customers represent different industries: from finance and accounting to healthcare and non-profits. All of them face a different level of impact. This will also translate into different rates of recovery for each industry. So, the level of impact is different, but one thing remains certain, as we exit pandemic, we will have to move to the new reality and adapt to the changed circumstances. Implementing new technologies into business processes will greatly simplify this process. Need additional information about our services? Klik HERE to learn more.
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