Co-location vs. Onsite Infrastructure

Co-location vs. Onsite Infrastructure: how to choose the best option for your business

Data is a valuable asset that should be secured and stored in a reliable location without any chance of being lost or becoming compromised! 

If you happen to run a company that owns servers and hardware and are planning on growth and scaling, then eventually you have to ask yourself whether you want to invest into building and maintaining your own data centre or try co-location hosting. 

Co-location is a great option for those who want to stay away from big expenses. Using co-location hosting services, equipment is kept in a secure data center owned and maintained by your co-location provider. You don’t need to worry about power supply, bandwidth, rack space, security, and support: your vendor will be responsible for all of the above! 

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Before deciding on Co-Location, here are five must know benefits of storing your equipment offsite. 

  • Reliable security and compliance

One of the most critical goals for any business is data security. Co-location providers offer an enhanced network security to keep servers protected from cybercriminals and prevent unauthorized access. You benefit from greater security with 24/7 video monitoring, swipe card access, climate control and fire detection. Many organizations find it tough and costly to maintain that level of protection on their own. 

  • Easy scalability to meet business demands

Your co-location strategy can easily be adjusted to host and handle IT needs as your company’s data volume increases. Co-location allows business to scale their data center capacity in either direction on demand, or you only pay for the resource you actually use. 

  • Higher uptime and reliability during traffic peaks 

A single downtime can cause significant loss, so data center providers offer an uptime guarantee promising permanent connectivity and customizable bandwidth with colocation. This is so business-critical applications are always up and running. Data centers are made to process information, so they use high-bandwidth pipelines that might not be accessible at an office location.  

  • 24/7 support

Co-location providers take really great care of their reputation and only hire teams of highly qualified specialists to take care of stored equipment and offer top notch 24/7/365 local network support. 

  • Cost Efficiency

If you choose a co-location option you may avoid large upfront investment and save on fixed and variable costs dealing with security, energy consumption, and IT services. Hosting your data in a data center allows you to free up your IT department’s time to focus on bigger business issues. The money you can save could be reinvested to expand your business! 

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Co-location is a large project  to take on

But the outcome outweighs any effort required to move. It streamlines operations and focuses on resources and effort relating directly to strategic business goals. 

Learn more about our co-location services at Molnii collocation services and give us a call if co-location may be the right option for your organization. 

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