Designing Your Dream Desktop 

Designing Your Dream Desktop 

Everyone knows that when you create a new folder on your desktop, you’ll get that regular, boring, tan folder icon. 

If you’re anything like me, regular and boring just won’t cut it. 

My mission to create my dream desktop layout started when I saw this TikTok about how a girl in the tech industry fashioned her desktop into the cutest Hello Kitty inspired virtual world. I figured I had to be a technology expert to uncover how she got it to look like that. After some searching online, I realized it wasn’t as daunting as I imagined it to be.

So, if you don’t consider yourself an expert in tech, but you’re ready to upgrade your desktop’s appearance in TechBarbie fashion, I’ve got the perfect guide for you. The design possibilities are endless if you follow these simple steps. 

image 12

First, you’ll need to choose the files or folders that you want to add to your desktop’s main screen if you don’t have folders there already. 

Once you have folders saved to your desktop to work with, it’s time to pick out your icons. This will be the most fun part because you’ll have the freedom to follow any aesthetic or theme you choose! 

When I upgraded my desktop for Halloween, I found thousands of fun and creative options at icons-icons.com (a very self-explanatory name). However, I’m sure there are many more websites out there that offer downloadable icons if you don’t find what you’re looking for. However, some of those other websites might charge to download, but I can confirm that icons-icons does not! 

Next, you’ll download whatever icons you wish to your desktop. 

To stay organized, I made a folder entitled “icons” and put them all there, so they’re easy to find when you need them. 

Now here’s the most important step. Go to one of the folders you’ve saved to your desktop; right-click, select properties, select customize, and under folder icons you’ll see the option to “Change Icon.” This is what you’re looking for. 

Then you’ll be able to change the icon for any of the folders you’ve made, and that’s how it will display on your desktop from then on. In the future, if you decide you’d like to change the icon, you’ll go back to properties, customize, and then select a new icon there! 

image 13

When working within the corporate structure, it’s essential to not lose your individuality and that creative spark that sets you apart from others. You can still be highly successful and professional at work with a desktop covered in fun icons if it will make you smile on a tough day. Don’t forget you can always change your wallpaper to make your icons rest on any background of your choosing! 

I get so much joy out of clicking on the cute icon I added, rather than the basic default option. It’s the little things in life that bring a spark of happiness to an otherwise routine day and keep your work life from becoming monotonous. So, choose the cute icons! Create an adorable, new virtual world on your desktop using your wallpaper and folders! If you thought you weren’t tech-savvy enough to make it happen, just follow these simple steps and your dream desktop is at your fingertips. 

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