Fully Managed IT vs Co-Managed IT – which one is better?

Full Managed IT vs Co-Managed IT post

Well, let’s look at IT in general. Most companies have one of two options: 1) in-house IT department or 2) Fully Managed IT services. Both options are great, the question is which one is better for your company’s needs? 

Let’s look at those two models side by side based on different criteria.  

1. Responsibility 

While Fully Managed IT takes full responsibility and acts like your IT department, Co-Managed IT implies that responsibility is shared with your in-house IT staff.  

2. Flexibility 

Managed IT services are autonomous and fully accountable for your systems while Co-Managed IT is a more flexible option that can be easily adapted to changing needs or adding new applications. 

3. Role 

With Co-Managed IT, your staff will have more time for innovation and internal projects. With Fully Managed IT, your provider can act like a virtual Chief Information Officer erasing the urge to fill that position.  

4. In-house personnel 

While Fully Managed IT completely eliminates the need to hire IT staff, with Co-Managed model, you will be required to have people in-house.  

At Klik Solutions, we offer both options. Often, the preference depends on the current state of the company. In the situation when a business already has a few IT people and wants to outsource some or most of the tasks, then the best solution would be Co-Managed IT.  

If you know which option is better for your business – Get a Proposal Now!  

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