Getting Security right: How to Maximize MFA

Maximizing MFA

In the digital age, protecting your sensitive data is vital to any person or any business. Stanislav Pshebylsky, a Technical Analyst at Klik Solutions, shares easy to execute professional tricks which will help you maximize Multifactor Authentication.

Multifactor Authentication

MFA (Multi-factor authentication) has become an integral part of our lives. It is an easy and convenient way of leveraging your security. With the pandemic, the importance of a secured remote work has become crucial, so VPN and MFA’s role increased dramatically.


Unfortunately, MFA is not perfect. There are times when devices get lost, stolen, or broken. Additionally, any smartphone is still a computer with Internet access and other various features for receiving signals. With that, all vital information, including your bank accounts, tax, and health records, can be accessed via the Internet. Your mobile device can be compromised via a phishing email or by social engineering rendering your MFA useless.

Maximizing your security

Worry not! There is a relatively easy way of maximizing your security. The core idea is to install the MFA application on a dedicated smartphone just for MFA. How?


First, disconnect a selected device from the Internet completely. Turn your WiFi off and remove a SIM-card or turn on Airplane mode. Reset the device to manufacturer default settings (see iOS and Android users’ manuals).


After that, using the initial setup wizard, download the required MFA application from the official store (This included the Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.). Link this application to the service, for example, to a mailbox that you use for bank transactions. Note, it is crucial to make sure that the time is set up correctly on a smartphone. Voila! You’re more secure than ever. Just remember not to use this phone for anything else but MFA


Hacking a smartphone that is disconnected from the Internet is almost impossible. So this option is ideal for relatively rare access to some very important information. The level of security equals electronic hardware keys. If you need a more detailed explanation for securing your sensitive information, you can always send us a message here.


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