How Technology is helping with Covid-19 vaccine distribution

How technology can help with Covid 19 Vaccines
The COVID-19 vaccine is here. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we can’t rest easy yet. We still have to secure a safe and equitable vaccine distribution and track the whole process. Luckily it’s not 1918, and modern Technology plays an essential role in accelerating vaccination and restoring the sense of normalcy.

1. Manufacturing optimization.

Automation technologies and artificial intelligence help address the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face. This will help compress the timetable from testing vaccines to their delivery and optimize the overall manufacture process.

2. Data-driven distribution.

Technology companies across the globe are offering their expertise in organizing vaccine logistics and distribution. One of IBM executives called this task the “biggest data puzzle of our lifetime.” Several cloud-based software development global leaders have already joined their efforts to deliver platforms that countries need to communicate critical information around Covid-19 vaccine requirements and equitable distribution.

3. Solutions for vaccine inventory and management.

Once the vaccine reaches its destination, it must be properly stored and managed. This results in the demand for specific tools for reading barcodes on the vaccines, keeping tracking expiration dates, and forecasting where vaccines and personal protective will be essential. For example, Google has recently announced an Intelligent Vaccine Impact Platform, which helps several states in the US manage vaccine distribution.

4. Tracking the number of vaccinated people.

Artificial intelligence helps manage registrations, track the vaccine’s brand to get, and remind you about the second vaccine. Additionally, Technology can help in monitoring side effects. Recently, the CDC launched the new smartphone-based texting system. It allows people to directly report their unusual health effects after they have been vaccinated. This endeavor shows how Technology can efficiently work together with different organizations to provide relief all around. Technology, in the right hands, can make or break your organization. Make sure you have the right experts to help you with that. Contact us at for an IT assessment
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