How to keep your mobile phone secure

How to keep your mobile phone secure

Those days are gone when the primary use of a phone was to make calls. Nowadays, a smartphone is essential for our daily life that knows everything about its owner. On top of messaging and conversations, smartphones assist us in paying bills, booking our trips, managing bank accounts, checking in for flights, online shopping, and many more. A smartphone recognizes its owner’s voice and face and keeps credit cards details and biometric data. Hardly any device knows more about us than our smartphones. Ironically, when it comes to cyber security, we primarily think about computers, not smartphones. Meanwhile, our mobile devices that are constantly online sending and receiving signals are always a target for criminals. What can you do to protect your sensitive data? First, look through these six data privacy tips for your smartphone.

1. Keep your OS and apps up to date.

Updating your smartphone’s operating system is critical to keeping your data safe. Software updates contain security improvements that help to protect your device from data breaches. Hackers constantly hone their tools and methods, so the ways that we defend our smartphones need to evolve too. Cyber security professionals compare updating the operating system with vaccination, as it is the best preventive measure. Ensure you install all updates as soon as they have been released or set up automatic install for all.

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2. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks or use a VPN.

Free Wi-Fi of any public venue is open to all sorts of online vulnerabilities, so everyone should be aware of its danger. Try to use only your private cell connection whenever possible and switch off Wi-Fi on your smartphone in public places. If you desperately need to connect to public Wi-Fi consider using a VPN, a utility that tunnels network communications through an encrypted connection.

3. Use strong passwords.

Don’t take half measures when assigning passwords. Use only the strong ones that hackers do not easily crack. A strong password should contain at least 10-15 characters with a mix of letters and numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols. Use online password generators to make it easier for yourself, and don’t forget to change your passwords regularly, every six months to a year, or as soon as you hear about a data breach of any program you use. Also, if possible, use Multifactor Authentication when you can.

4. Be mindful of app permissions.

Always double-check the permissions of the app. If an app requires access to data that isn’t relevant to its function is should become a warning sign for you. For instance, a pocket calculator doesn’t need access to your contact list or location. Additionally, it is essential to monitor how your smartphone behaves after downloading apps. If you notice significant changes in your device’s battery life, it could indicate that malicious apps are running in the background.

5. Download apps only from official sources.

Downloading apps only from the App Store or Google Play helps to reduce the risk of ransomware, spyware, or trojan viruses infecting your device. Sure, not all the apps in official stores are 100% trustworthy, but these platforms make an effort to protect customers by ensuring that the apps they offer meet specific data protection standards.

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6. Always lock your smartphone and use built-in device protection.

Always use a passcode to unlock your device. If you are not the greatest fan of passwords, use a fingerprint scanning or Face ID that are easy and fast alternatives to typing numbers. Make sure that apps with personal and financial information are also secured by passwords or biometrics. To protect your personal information if your device gets stolen or lost, you can arrange for the phone to delete all data after a certain number of incorrect passcodes tries.

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