How to make your Bluebeam perform better

5 tips to make your Bluebeam post

Bluebeam Revu is a document and project management solution designed to streamline existing workflows. It provides a set of markup tools to add text, notes, highlights to the documents. Alongside the overall productivity increase, users sometimes experience delays in the program’s response.

They point out that Bluebeam becomes unresponsive; opening documents takes longer than usual; zooming and navigating slows refreshing and rendering. How can we overcome such issues? Let’s discover several tips on making Bluebeam perform better.

Change your rendering settings

If your PDF in Bluebeam seems to take forever to load is due to one of Bluebeam’s default preferences. It is supposed to make viewing faster but typically slows it down. By changing your rendering settings the speed of page loading can be significantly increased. To access your Bluebeam preferences click on the big “R” in the top right corner and click preferences.

Change the power settings in Windows 10

Aggressive power saving settings sacrifice display performance in order to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. They affect both laptops and desktops. For getting the best result choose High performance or Maximum performance in your settings.

Update the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Installing and using the latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable will improve Bluebeam Revu’s rendering performance for large images and scans.

Update the Microsoft .NET Framework  

The same applies to the Microsoft .NET Framework your device can work with. Check the Windows version you are running then find and install the latest version of .NET that your version of Windows supports. This takes several minutes but after completing, the general performance and responsiveness of the program will noticeably improve.

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