How to protect your business from Phishing Scams


Phishing is one of the most common cybercriminals’ tricks to get to you. Pronounced as “fishing,” it stands for an attempt to get your personal data using a “baited hook.” In this case a phishing email. Hackers aim to trick users into giving up their log in information: passwords, account or usernames to get access to your bank accounts, emails, and other sensitive information.

Scammers constantly update their tactics, but the common feature remains the same over the years. Phishing emails will disguise itself as a message from an organization or an individual who you trust – it might be a bank, service company, or a real person – and contain a link to click or an attachment.

Sure, your spam filter helps to keep some phishing emails out of your mailbox, but scammers are smart and can still reach your inbox.

So, it is a good idea to add some extra layers of protection. Here are six ways of how to avoid becoming a phishing victim.

1. Never click suspicious links.

Opening links from random emails is definitely not the best idea as well as filling any forms which require your personal data. If you have doubts, contact an organization which supposed to send this email directly to make sure it is not a Phishing attempt.

2. Keep your browser up-to-date.

Security patches are constantly released for most browsers and application. This is a response to the security loopholes found and exploited by cybercriminals. Make sure to run the latest version of your business software to increase your level of protection.

3. Use firewalls.

There are two firewall types available – a desktop firewall and the network one. The combination of both may significantly reduce the possibility of becoming a Phishing victim.

4. Protect your accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Add extra credentials for logging in. Modern technologies allow using a fingerprint or face ID which helps to protect your accounts in case your password or username has been stolen by hackers.

5. Back up your data.

And make sure that those backups are stored independently. You can copy important files to cloud storage and keep them safely outside of the home network.

6. Use modern reliable Cyber Security tools.

The updates need to be completed at the right time to make sure you are using the latest version which can deal with new security threats.

Phishing attempts will always be there to haunt us, but we can lessen the impact that it can cause our businesses. Cyber security is a never-ending process. When it comes to securing a company’s network and sensitive data the best way to keep safe is collaborating with a Managed Service Provider. Specialized in cyber security MSP professionals will implement a strategy, and use all the tools to keep your perimeter monitored 24*7*365.

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