5 Tips how you can protect yourself from cyber attacks

cyber attackes

Everyone is a target for it cyber attackers. According to CNBC Cyberattacks can cost $200,000 on average. They’ll always be there and it’s best to be prepared.

1. The devil is in the details!

One of the most popular ways that cyber attackers get to you are emails. Always double check the sender of the email. It will always come to in a form of invoice, freebie, or something you won. The FTC gives tips on how to detect these kinds of scams and where to report them. If you do not know the sender do not reply to it.

2. NEVER click links on suspicious email

When you get emails from suspicious emails, DO NOT click any links. They might be phishing websites that redirects you to their page and asks you for your personal information. In 2019, the FBI released a report that at least $1.4 billion was lost in 2017. Many were due to Phishing scams and email scams

3. Keep your software update

Whenever companies find a bug or a security risk in their applications or software, they will send out a patch to their customers. Always make sure that your software is updated to ensure that you are protected

4. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

In case you don’t know Multi-Factor Authentication, it’s a security features found in many applications today. It asks for a second key verification, aside from your password. Sometimes it would give out a text, a code on a mobile phone authenticator app, or an email to verify that it’s you, that’s accessing your account. Microsoft says that “MFA can block up to 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.

5. The Clichéd, have a strong Password

It sounds cliché but it adds a layer of security. Don’t use your birthday, password123 or your name. Use something more complicated that only you would know. Also be sure to change it up every few months, or sooner based on your corporate password policy, so that you’re more secure from cyber attackers. Equifax lists some helpful tips for a more secure password

At the end of the day, cyber-attackers are not going away and there is not a 100% percent sure way to protect your system. Cyber attackers are going to keep finding loopholes in your system and are going to continue to exploit that. The best we can do it is to keep our systems secure and to take the proper precautions.

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