In-house IT team VS MSP 

In-house IT team VS MSP

Technology is getting more and more integrated with companies, streamlining processes, getting insightful data, and increasing efficiency. IT support services can help business offload some of IT, letting core team to focus on strategic goals and business growth.  

When choosing a Managed service provider, make sure your future vendor meets your requirements. Often, if you are evaluating based purely on cost, you may not find the right partner. Remember that IT plays a significant role in your entire organization nowadays. It’s important to work with someone that has your best interests in mind and put customers’ interests first.  

There are several types of IT support services available on the market now.

The first one is in-house IT department, another one is Fully Managed IT support services and so-called hybrid option or Co-Managed IT model. All options have their benefits and disadvantages; the question is which one is better for your company’s needs?  

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Continue reading to discover the key differences between MSPs and in-house IT teams.

  • Cost efficiency 

In-house IT team

Putting together a small team of IT experts can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if the cost is justified, an in-house IT team does not always provide good value. There will inevitably be times when you don’t need IT support, leaving your in-house teams with free time at your expense. 


You only pay for the IT services you need with an MSP, and you don’t have to hire a team of full-time employees. There are other ways to save money. Working with an MSP eliminates the need to invest in new equipment or pay for additional training, as well as the need to provide healthcare insurance or other benefits. 

  • Maintenance 

In-house IT unit 

In-house IT teams quickly resolve IT-related issues. However their working hours are limited unless you hire a night-time team. What happens if you’re hit by a cyberattack late at night? What if one of your systems fails over the weekend? 


An MSP provides ongoing IT maintenance, including proactive planning and continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can resolve issues like downtime and data loss without having to wait until Monday morning.

  • Services and access to highly specialized knowledge 

IT in-house 

No IT team can provide every IT service imaginable. One person may be well-versed in data governance frameworks. Another person may be unfamiliar with data governance but skilled at data migration. To cover all issues, you’ll need to expand your IT team, but hiring more people may put you over budget. 


Working with a managed services provider gives you access to a large network of IT professionals. MSPs have contacts with industry experts and specialists all over the country, and you will benefit from their knowledge at no extra cost 

MSPs: The Best Option for Your Company

Managed services providers are the best choice for nearly all businesses due to their scalability, low cost, provided expertise, and wide range of support. 

IT services handled by MSPs consistently rate higher and provide more satisfaction to their clients, from small start-ups to large enterprises. 

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