In the loop: What is Business Analytics

What is Business Analytics

What is Business Analysis as a discipline and why is it important to rely on professional business analysts when it comes to a better customer experience? Dive deep into this topic with Bill Pritchard, Director for Customer Success at Klik Solutions.

Q: What is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is someone who combines analytics knowledge with strong domain expertise. Business analysts are valuable to businesses because they tend to focus on the role of analytics in the context of a business problem or an opportunity.


Q: What is the value of the Business Analyst?

The biggest asset of a business analyst is the business knowledge he/she possesses. Understanding the business and its problems allows the business analyst to be razor-focused in the analyses. This ensures that highly meaningful and actionable insights can be derived by relatively quick and easy analyses.

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Q: Why did Klik Solutions come up with the idea to have a Business Analysis Department?

Klik recognized early on that data is a valuable tool and tells an accurate story. We knew that the data could not only help us improve as a service provider but also allows us to have a level of transparency unheard of in the MSP industry.

Q: As a business analyst what are you looking for to improve a business?

We look internally to monitor our service processes and individual companies to identify any trends or recurring issues or areas to celebrate. We also provide live reporting to the customer so they can see the current services stats and also information such as the Antivirus status, patching status, etc.

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Q: How does our clients benefit from our Business Analysts?

The client benefits in two major areas. First, an entire team is looking at the data to predict issues before they become a company-wide problem or raise a flag for the technical team to take a deeper dive into any areas identified as needing attention. Additionally, we provide reporting so that the customer can see live data on the services provided and the current state of patching, antivirus protection, etc.

Q: What techniques do you employ to make sure you analyze a case?

The entire Klik Team has access to dashboards and gauges to see data in real-time. For example, the helpdesk manager will review the Service Level Agreement stats to identify any issues and/or areas of success. The access to the data allows our entire team to quickly make changes to always improve our service level. We also review the data to identify trends so that we can quickly address them to reduce any technical inefficiencies for the customers.

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Q: What makes Klik Unique when it comes to the use of Business Analysts?

Most Services companies are too busy resolving issues to understand trends and be proactive rather than reactive. The analytics teams was put in place for just that reason. We felt that we needed a team that could step back and looks at a number of areas that may not be looked at in other companies. The net result is a better customer experience and better Klik service delivery.


Hopefully, this helps you understand what Business Analytics is, and how it helps us provide an Amazing IT experience to our clients. Interested to learn more about Klik Solutions? Klik here to contact us

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