Klik Analytics Case Study:

Klik Analytics Case Study:


Klik Solutions is a Baltimore-based MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) seeking to improve its customer service and help desk operations through the use of data analytics. They wanted to determine strengths and weaknesses in practices that were impacting customer service and the overall process. The goal was to turn the curve in the data by optimizing processes for efficiency and fast resolution of customer issues.  


Client Profile

Our client, Klik Solutions, is a Baltimore-based MSSP, providing managed IT, cloud, and cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes and industries, including legal firms, healthcare companies, manufacturing, and nonprofits.  


The challenges facing Klik Solutions’s help desk were largely due to a need for more visibility and transparency in their IT service management processes. The help desk team relied on both manual and computer-based processes to manage requests and track issue resolution. However, the management needed consistent visualizations of key metrics to effectively identify patterns or trends in the requests they received, the ways issues were resolved, and the timelines for resolution. Additionally, they wanted to standardize the processes and procedures to bring about a more consistent service delivery system and to improve time to resolution.  

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To address these challenges, Klik Analytics and Klik Solutions’s leadership began collaborating to: 

  • identify the key metrics that needed to be tracked, such as ticket volume, response time, and resolution time.  
  • develop a series of data dashboards with gauges and visualizations that bring trends and patterns to light.  
  • deploy the new tools with managers and key staff across the service department to improve processes and operations. 
  • hold ongoing discussions around patterns and trends in the requests received, staff utilization, ticket resolution, and other metrics, to continue to make improvements. 
  • use historical data to predict when problems might be more likely. 

These changes allowed the help desk team to proactively address issues before they became major problems, thus keeping their clients’ satisfaction ratings high.  


Since implementing the changes, Klik’s operations have seen the following results: 

  • Improved response times 
  • Reduction in repetitive issues received 
  • Standardized procedures 
  • Increased use of data and improved data culture 
  • More consistent service delivery 
  • Better visibility into processes, trends, and patterns 
  • A proactive approach vs. reactive approach  
  • More positive reviews and overall higher customer satisfaction 

The implementation of the data analytics solution had a positive impact on Klik Solutions’s IT service management processes. The help desk team was able to better monitor the help desk activity, and the use of standardized processes and procedures resulted in more consistent service delivery to our customers. 

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By leveraging data analytics, Klik Solutions was able to improve its IT service management processes, boost the utilization of resources, and improve the quality of service it provided to its customers.   

Klik Analytics can provide data solutions for your business, too. At Klik Analytics, we believe your data can take you places. What’s your destination? Contact us today! 

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