Klik Solutions evolves into a Managed Security Service provider

Klik Solutions evolves into a Managed Security Service provider

In our industry, 10 years is a lifetime. Klik Solutions has been able to establish its reputation as a company that provides exceptional Managed Services, but in fact we are much more. Last year, we made a commitment to take our internal security operations to the next level. After 6 months of hard work, we were able to successfully pass an AICPA SOC2 Type 1 Audit. We also became MSPVerify+ complinat along with MSP Cyber Verify+. Our team has become a group of highly qualified and dedicated experts who are focused on providing the best level of cyber protection for our customers. As a result, Klik Solutions is pleased to announce that, beginning in July, the company’s focus will shift to providing cutting-edge Managed Security Services, building on our already established support solutions.

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What is the driving force of such transformation?

The growing reliance on technology has become a driving force of our evolution. The threat landscape is rapidly expanding, and hackers aim to monetize on our reliance on technology.

I often communicate with business owners and executives. They represent various industries and are united by the common problem of protection of their sensitive data, client information security, ransomware protection, and compliance initiatives with ever-changing regulations. That is why at Klik, we have always been focused on providing our customers with the most dependable cyber protection, and we have always included this advanced platform in our packages.

Unfortunately, lots of small- and mid-sized business owners either operate within a limited budget or simply underestimate cybersecurity risks. Quite often they regard their business as too small to become a hackers’ target and such perception creates a false sense of security. In fact, SMB’s are more vulnerable to damaging cyber-attacks. About 53% of small- and mid-sized companies become unprofitable within just one month after losing access to critical data and business applications.

The problem of cyber security has been around for a while. A decade ago, when Neil Konstantoulas and I founded Klik Solutions, data backup and recovery was our primary focus. Over the years, we made sure that reliable cyber protection is what most of our customers need.

What exactly is an MSSP?

A managed security service provider focuses on monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and so much more.

MSSPs establish their Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide services around the clock.

What are the benefits of collaboration with MSSP:

  • Reduced number of in-house security personnel your organization requires
  • 24/7 threat detection.
  • Rapid incident response
  • Access to specialized skillset
  • Advanced compliance management.

What does it mean for our customers?

At Klik, we want our clients to think of us as their one-stop provider for all their technology needs. Since we are already managing their network 24 X 7, adding security services makes complete sense. Having the ability to notice abnormalities or real-time security vulnerabilities, our team is also able to perform in-line remediation. Our clients can be assured that we have our eyes on their technology assets and can take immediate action to remedy any issues. We are excited to showcase to our clients our security platforms in action. It is something we are very proud to share.

How will the transformation affect the level of service and pricing?

At Klik, we have always been focused on delivering cost-effective solutions for the SMB market. We must always keep pricing in line with what we think the typical business leader can budget. Since we have always included some level of cyber services as part of our managed services, our pricing will not change at all. What we have created are additional products and services that are now itemized and can be added services based on our client’s compliance and corporate goals. We can easily create a Managed Security Services solutions that is customized per each client requirement.

Our goal is to stay on top of market trends as well as the evolving threat landscape. We take our job very seriously. We want to deliver an enterprise-level Managed Security Service that our clients can rely on. We must be diligent in supporting our client’s mission. Like I always say, we can’t treat cyber security as amateurs. The threat is real. We must be up to the challenge.

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