Klik TV EP60: Coaching, Mentoring, & Empowering Others ft. Sonja Der, Founder & CEO of CoachCruiting

Featuring Amy Thomas 10

Join us in Episode 60 of Klik TV, with Sonja Der, the visionary founder and CEO of CoachCruiting, a dynamic company revolutionizing the realms of coaching, mentoring, and recruiting. Sonja’s expertise and passion shine through as she delves into the unique approach her company takes in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. Discover the secrets behind CoachCruiting’s success, gain valuable insights into the world of coaching and mentoring, and explore how this innovative platform is changing the game in recruitment. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking guidance or an aspiring talent looking to break into your desired field, Sonja Der’s wisdom is sure to inspire and motivate. Don’t miss out on this exclusive conversation that promises to redefine the way we view personal and professional development!

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