Beauty Genius

Beauty Genius

When brands fail to embrace AI and find creative new ways to meet their customers’ needs with speed and efficiency, they slowly lose touch with society’s demands. Now more than ever before, people’s need for instant gratification has taken over all aspects of work and personal life. Trips to the library with hopes to read up on a topic have been replaced by a few clicks and a curated answer with links and everything generated instantly. 

In the makeup community, collaboration and sharing tips and tricks has always been the norm. YouTubers upload their tutorials and “Get ready with me” videos to share expertise with their subscribers. Plus, there are always new techniques becoming popular, making a certain look pop. But what if we took the makeup artists out of the equation entirely? What does that mean for content creators and makeup enthusiasts? Can we trust makeup advice from… a robot? 

Meet L’oreal Paris’ newest AI bot, Beauty Genius, designed to give personalized recommendations to users through prompts and photographs. Instead of one makeup artist’s philosophy, you’ll get a comprehensive response built from thousands of answers online, collected by AI, determined to best answer a person’s particular inquiry. 

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Jet lagged? “Here are tips to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate the puffiness under your eyes from being awake for over 24 hours traveling.” 

Mascara running and smearing throughout the day? “Find the best tubing mascaras for long wear and application tricks to prevent slippage throughout the day.” 

What lipstick best matches my coloring? “Considering your olive skin and brown eyes a burgundy or deep red color will really bring out your best features.” 

Can it really be that easy? One bot that guides us to the perfect shade, the perfect product, and the perfect methods. 

Clearly, Beauty Genius wouldn’t be possible without all the information published by esteemed makeup artists all over the world. AI has the unique ability to scan the internet with more clarity and speed than any human being, making unimaginable amounts of content accessible in seconds. While it’s incredible to admire the capabilities and speed of AI, we can’t accept this is a reason to discard the real artists who spent years honing their craft and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the world. Without their hard work, AI wouldn’t have anything of significance to draw from. 

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So, to answer my question — can we discard makeup experts in exchange for its remote alternative? I don’t think it works like that. At the end of the day, technology is something that human minds have developed over time as more and more understanding of technology has evolved. An AI bot will never have the same brain power and feelings as a human. It won’t think about the connotations society has applied to makeup like red lipstick being a scandalous look for a first date, or the feeling of cakey makeup creasing on your skin and that one corner of the fake eyelash lifting at the worst time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that using the Beauty Genius should be frowned upon! In fact, I think it’s a powerful move by L’oreal that will set a precedent for other beauty brands to follow suit in expanding technology in beauty. The brands who stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancements ensure a long future ahead of them because they appeal to the younger generations and usher in a new generation technology for the future. 

The truth is not every little girl has a mother or a sister to teach them how to wear makeup or show them what works best, yet they have unanswered questions. Integrating new tools to fill that role is huge for the future of makeup and makeup education. The more technology in beauty grows in accessibility, the more the makeup industry makes space to grow. 

Today, we can watch makeup videos and submit inquiries from the comfort of our own home. Aspiring makeup artists are being given new opportunities to increase their skillset even without cosmetology school or a license. Of course, certifications and skills are important to work professionally, but people are taking advantage of the free educational bots and accessible tutorials like never before thanks to the power and progress of AI. 

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Let’s celebrate L’oreal for their innovation, and hopefully this inspires other brands to take advantage of new technology and rewrite the history of beauty and makeup for the next generation. I’m excited to see how the latest tools continue to challenge how people think about and participate in makeup and the latest trends. My last question is what’s next for AI in the beauty industry, will this empower makeup artists and their careers, or become a distraction over time? 

Only time will tell, but for now I encourage my readers to try all the breakthrough tools at their disposal whether they prefer video tutorials for a more lengthy and relaxed session, or quick advice for makeup tips on the go! It’s never been easier to learn and perfect your makeup skills with the help of AI technology.

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