Managed IT Trends for 2022

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Technology is continuously changing business landscapes across the globe. Allowing companies to transform their operations, re-think their IT components, and remodel their managed IT services. Gartner recently released their annual list of TOP strategic technology trends. The three burning topics for 2022 are “Accelerating growth”, “engineering trust”, and “sculpting change”. Let’s see what kind of potential these trends will reflect in managed IT services. 


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Security comes first 

With the skyrocketing popularity of remote work that the pandemic has caused, managed security services are expected to remain in high demand over the next year. Business owners and executives are constantly looking for effective ways to secure their data, networks, and employee devices. With here-to-stay remote and hybrid work models, the demand for managed security services will likely continue into 2022. 

According to the “2022 State of IT” report presented by global marketplace Spiceworks Ziff Davis, organizations plan to increase their adoption of security practices in five major categories, including  

  • Cybersecurity training tools for staff
  • Ransomware protection solutions
  • Breach detection and response
  • Zero-trust security solutions
  • Hardware-based authentication

The same report mentions that predominant parts of cloud spending are expected to go toward backup and recovery solutions.  


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Data is at the core 

Nowadays, with data-driven insights at the core of operational effectiveness and overall business success, lots of business owners are making data accessibility a priority. Nonetheless, data accessibility across various platforms remains a problem. Gartner listed a data fabric creation method among the top trends of 2022 that can potentially reduce data management efforts by 70%.  

Cloud-native microservices-based applications grow in popularity 

Companies and organizations are actively moving towards a microservices architecture, leaving their legacy applications behind. This process takes time, but the so-called ‘applications rationalization’ is gaining traction by increasing cost-optimization. Container technology, which has significantly evolved over the last few years, offers a big variety of solutions. Programs like Edge computing are a big part of cloud-native microservices-based app development. 


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IT is a fast-paced industry, however, some major trends – like application architecture, security, and artificial intelligence – will remain ‘trendy’ for years. Over time, companies will be thinking more about microservices and containers than ever before. Because of this, more companies will be investing in cyber security and effective backup solutions. To keep in pace with rapid changes, your business needs a reliable IT partner with extended expertise in highly demanded areas. Check out our services for more information and find out how we can boost your business with our wisely chosen tools and technology solutions. 

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