Bill Pritchard: Navigating Shifts and Charting New Paths in Tech 

Bill Pritchard: Navigating Shifts and Charting New Paths in Tech 

From early ambitions in aviation to becoming the face of data services at Klik Solutions, Bill Pritchard’s career demonstrates the power of resilience and adaptability. In this edition of our Men in Tech series, we explore the journey of Bill Pritchard, Director of Data Services at Klik, whose story encapsulates the spirit of continuous learning and evolution in the tech industry. 

Early Aspirations and Shifts 

Bill’s journey into the tech world was anything but straightforward. Initially setting out to become an aircraft mechanic, he pursued studies at the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, often called the “Harvard of the sky.” However, the volatile nature of the airline industry in the early ’90s forced him to reconsider his path not once, but twice. “The industry went belly up, and I did various jobs, mostly in customer service and aviation insurance,” Bill recalls. When the industry faced downturns, Bill shifted his focus towards electronics, recognizing the burgeoning opportunities as the digital age began to dawn. 

A New Chapter in Tech 

Bill’s transition to technology was marked by his stint at a company that built voice switches for air traffic control. Starting on the bench fixing boards, he quickly grasped the intricacies of electronics, which paved the way for his subsequent roles in various tech companies. His experiences spanned from military installations to leading help desk operations at Mosaic Technologies, a period during which the MSP (Managed Services Provider) industry was taking shape. 

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Embracing the MSP Model 

One of Bill’s significant experiences in the tech industry came with his involvement in the early days of the MSP model. He explains how this model shifted from a pay-as-you-go service to a subscription-based approach, enhancing service delivery and client satisfaction. “It used to be pay as you go…then we switched to a subscription model, which was basically all you could eat for a flat fee,” Bill describes. His company transitioned into this new model smoothly over the next few years.  He worked in the industry at several different companies, successfully navigating the industry and ultimately meeting Arthur Olshansky and Neil Konstantoulas, founders of Klik Solutions.  

Advancing Through Data 

In his early days at Klik, Bill worked within the support sector where he worked with clients and the support teams to solve tech problems and crises. Over time, he started digging into the data to find out more about what was working–and wasn’t working within his help desk to improve customer success.  

His approach involved not just managing data but using it as a strategic asset that could drive decision-making and operational efficiency. “I started looking at the data and reporting on it, which led to his move into the role of Director of Data Analytics at Klik,” Bill shares. At a time when data-driven decision-making was still gaining ground, Bill and his team began working with clients to help them better use their own data for strategic planning, fiscal management, and improving efficiency and profitability.  They utilized better tools and enhanced interactive visualizations to drive better business insights. As the office has grown, so, too, have the responsibilities.  

Today, Bill continues to push the envelope in data services, integrating AI and automation into his strategies at Klik. “There’s so much to discover as these technologies continue to evolve.  It’s exciting and my team and I are bringing new services to the Klik menu.” 

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Overcoming Challenges 

Throughout his career, Bill faced educational barriers, having not pursued a traditional four-year degree. Yet, he turned these challenges into opportunities by leveraging his skills and experience to thrive in small business environments that valued practical knowledge and passion over formal education. “My lack of a 4-year degree was a challenge, even though I had two areas of concentrated studies. So, I worked for small businesses where my practical skills were valued,” he reflects. 

Bill Pritchard’s career is a reminder of how adaptability, continuous learning, and a willingness to embrace change are crucial in the ever-evolving tech landscape. His story encourages current and aspiring tech professionals to remain flexible and open to new opportunities, no matter where they may lead. “Embrace the suck,” he advises, highlighting the need to persevere through the less glamorous aspects of tech work. In technology, as in life, it’s not necessarily where you start, but where you’re willing to go that defines success. 

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