Men in Tech: Neil Konstantoulas, Co-Founder of Klik Solutions

Men in Tech: Neil Konstantoulas, Co-Founder of Klik Solutions

Neil Konstantoulas’s journey into the world of IT was a serendipitous path. Unlike many in the tech industry, Neil had no connection to IT as a child or young adult. Even after 20 years in IT sales, he admits with a laugh that he still can’t fix any computers at home. However, he knows exactly who to call when technical issues arise.

Neil’s first foray into the sales field began not with technology, but with gym memberships and personal training at Merit Athletic Club. His personable nature and fearlessness in talking to people caught the attention of a recruiter who saw potential in him. This led Neil to transition into IT recruiting, a field that was booming in the late ’90s. He spent 12 years in IT recruiting before making the leap into IT sales. His drive for independence and frustration with making money for someone else motivated him to consider making a change.

Neil’s career took a pivotal turn when he and Arthur Olshansky, a coworker, decided to work on straight commission for themselves instead of their previous boss. They took their laptops to a nearby coffee shop and began planning out their approach and mapping out the business plan. This entrepreneurial leap led to the founding of Klik Solutions, a company that would harness their combined skills and vision.

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For Neil, the IT field is exciting because it’s always evolving. The constant emergence of new technologies ensures that the industry never becomes stagnant. This dynamic environment is something Neil thrives on, as it keeps his work fresh and engaging.

Despite not having a technical background, Neil has turned this potential challenge into a strength. He often deals with clients who are also non-technical, and his openness about his own lack of technical expertise helps put them at ease. This approach prevents him from talking over their heads and builds a strong rapport with clients, making them feel comfortable and understood.

One of Neil’s proudest accomplishments is the successful implementation of a wireless solution at St. John’s College in Annapolis about ten years ago. At the time, the college had no Wi-Fi on campus. Neil and Arthur’s efforts in bringing Wi-Fi to the campus were met with great appreciation, especially from the students who viewed them as heroes for transforming their digital landscape.

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Reflecting on his journey, Neil finds humor in his position as a “sales guy who thinks he’s in technology.” He emphasizes that company culture is not defined by words on a website or posters on the wall, but by how people feel, especially on Sunday nights before the workweek begins. Neil resonates with the idea that true company culture is reflected in the genuine sentiments of its people. He looks forward to Monday mornings!

Neil’s story is a remarkable example of how diverse backgrounds can lead to success in the tech industry. His ability to connect with clients, his enthusiasm for the ever-evolving world of IT, and his commitment to a people-centric approach have been instrumental in the growth of Klik Solutions. Neil’s journey is a powerful reminder that passion, adaptability, and genuine human connection are key drivers of success in any field.

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