Our experience as an MSP in different countries

Managed Services Provider

Klik Solutions has three offices with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and satellite offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since the Managed Services Provider (MSP) concept is relatively new, we decided to look at the perception of an MSP in different countries. We asked our American and Ukrainian teams to share their experience with general view of MSP. Here is what we found:   


1. Do people understand what Managed Service Provider is?   


  • MSPs have been around for 12-13 years, and people are becoming more familiar with the concept. A lot of times, small companies underestimate the need of proactive actions and maintenance. They do not realize that IT systems (like any system) need continued maintenance, evaluation and protection. With security threats becoming real risk, more and more companies started to consider MSP services. Recently, even more businesses came to realization that having an MSP is a proactive measure that will benefit them in a long run.


  • In Ukraine, companies are generally not used to proper IT services and paying for quality. It is much more common for businesses to hire one person and get basic, not-so-qualified, low-quality services in a form of temporary solutions for their IT issues. It will take some time to educate business owners about importance of having an MSP on board.    

2. What are the misconceptions about MSP?  


  • Some of the most common misconceptions are: “It’s too expensive, what’s the value? I don’t need that!” or “I’ll just hire one IT guy to help me out.” As you see, a lot of people think that an MSP is expensive. In fact, it is definitely cheaper to hire an MSP than just one IT guy. Moreover, one IT guy can only handle certain amount of work, compared to an MSP team of technical experts, project managers and engineers who can solve all types of issues and are well-experienced and proficient in different systems.   


  • The main misconception about IT in general is that it will not solve issues or optimize working process. Most companies do not understand the benefits of having an IT team during working process. Some companies think investing in IT is not a good decision, they would rather invest in something that brings them profit right away. One important aspect they are missing is that it is hard to run a business without proper infrastructure that works with no failures and is well-protected. What an MSP does is ensuring flawless trustful operations now and in the future. 

3. How MSP can help businesses?  


  • Even though many small business owners think hackers would not be interested in them, this is far from the truth. Actually, a lot of hackers go for those low hanging fruits. We can certainly secure your business. Additionally, you may  not understand the inefficiencies of your systems. When we work with you, we increase your system productivity and boost efficiency.  


  • MSP is the future for all companies that don’t have enough resources to set up their own IT department. An MSP can help with implementing IT systems and supporting them, so the company can focus on products and services. Having an MSP allows businesses to grow.   

4. What is an outlook for MSP future?  


  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was already a trend of people working remotely and accessing their files through the Cloud. Now, even many companies are looking for options to help them with remote work and secure access to files. We expect, this demand will only grow with time, so MSPs can help more companies with their needs.   


  • It depends on economic situation in Ukraine. When the level of living increases and economy becomes stable, companies will be more open to an idea of an MSP helping them grow.   

Despite the differences in two countries, it is hard to ignore the benefits businesses get when they hire an MSP. Sometimes, it just takes time.  

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