How to phase your business from working remotely to onsite

Phasing your business from working remotely to onsite

COVID-19 has penetrated every aspect of our life. It caused distraction to our society and economy. Sadly, businesses were forced to implement a lot of changes in order to survive. Now is the time when we see the light at the end of this tunnel. With all the precautions taken to date, most of the United States is ready (or have already started) to reopen the economy.  

Klik Solutions began this attempt of returning to normal as well: 

  • We started to have in-person meetings in Baltimore office this month.  
  • Our office in Ukraine will be open few days a week starting July.  

We are slowly and deliberately phasing our business to onsite. We hope you do too.   

Let’s review together the general phased approach proposed by CDC to the re-opening of America:  

Phase One 

  • Encourage telework 
  • Return to work in phases 
  • Close common areas (e.g. cafeterias, fitness facilities) 
  • Or establish strict occupancy limits 
  • Ensure special accommodations for vulnerable populations (older adults or people with preconditions)  

Phase Two 

  • Continue to encourage telework, whenever possible and feasible with business operations 
  • Continue to close common areas  
  • Or enforce moderate social distancing protocols 
  • Continue to ensure special accommodations for vulnerable populations (older adults or people with preconditions) 

Phase Three 

  • Resume unrestricted staffing of worksites 

Also, follow these baseline practices that are related to every business: 

  • Masks are here to stay – encourage your employees to wear masks when they are not at their desks 
  • Continue enforced Social Distancing of at least 6 feet 
  • Consider Temperature Checks for every employee when they enter the premises  
  • Keep sanitation level high at all time – disinfect all used items and touched surfaces frequently 
  • Limit business travel when possible 

As about IT-related actions, businesses need to remain flexible about working from home policy, which means that at any time employees can potentially move back to working remotely if needed. At Klik Solutions, we will ensure your reopening goes smoothly and painlessly, with no IT issues.  

If you need any help phasing your business back to onsite, just let us know – Get Free a Proposal Now 

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