Pros and Cons of online dating

Online dating: pros and cons

In 1959 two Stanford students used a punch card questionnaire processed by an IBM 650 mainframe computer to match 49 pairs of men and women. This was the first time a computer-assisted matchmaking system was ever recorded. Since then, the industry’s technology, as well as its revenue, has advanced to unprecedented heights. Nowadays top online dating sites utilize sophisticated algorithms to pair millions of users from a pool of potential matches. Online dating resources are essentially internet-based social networks that will remain popular in the nearest future, especially when COVID-19 is still here.

Online dating statistics

According to Statista, there are 30.4 million online dating users in the US and this number keeps growing. By 2024 it is expected to reach 35 million in the USA and 277 million worldwide.  

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Choosing an online dating platform.

The top online dating sites should provide you with a variety of features to help you in meeting a big number of potential matches and going on dates that have potential. A dating site should serve as a screening tool, assisting you in finding people you might like while also protecting you from harmful individuals. The finest online dating site is one that you feel at ease with and that has a sufficient number of members for you to locate some attractive options.

TOP-3 online dating platforms

By monthly downloads as for January 2021 were:

  • Tinder with 6,44 million downloads 
  • Badoo with 3,29 million 
  • Bumble with 1,8 million. 

As anything, online dating has its benefits and downsides. Take a closer look at online dating pros and cons before starting diving deep into matchmaking. 



  • There are plenty of options available in the online dating world. 
  • You can register and create your profile within just a few minutes. 
  • Online dating sites and applications are mostly free or inexpensive. 
  • You can chat with people from home or on the go and enjoy the simplicity of online communication. 
  • You can meet people locally or all over the world. 
  • With an online dating it is easier not to take rejection too close to heart. You always can move on to the next person’s profile. 


  • Sometimes you need to look through large number of profiles to find your match. 
  • You can’t always tell if a match is legit. 
  • In-person communication cannot be fully replaced by online conversation. 
  • Meeting in person could be risky, and there’s always the risk of being fooled. 
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Basic safety rules

So, how about security and safety? Some sites have moderators who verify users’ profiles and remove false ones. Some providers ensure 24/7 online support. SSL encryption technology is commonly used to prevent scammers and spammers from accessing the site. 

These security features solely, however, may not be sufficient, and the rest is up to you. To ensure your personal safety, meet with your potential partner in a public place the first time and inform at least one trusted person of your plans, destination, and any other important information. 

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our everyday life. More and more people manage to meet their soulmates via online dating and such a way becomes increasingly popular. With basic safety rules in mind an online dating is a great way to find your life-time partner.  

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