Helpdesk vs Service Desk – What’s The Difference?

Service Desk and Help Desk – Which one to Choose?
The Klik Solutions story began with a Help Desk. Often start-up companies take it one step at a time and that’s exactly what we did. By doing so, we were able to create a top-rated IT utility company. When we started as a Help Desk facility our mission was to solve our client’s urgent IT problems on the spot. Now, our area of expertise has extended, and we were able to graciously provide Managed IT Services and IT Security Services to our clients and their end-users. Our goal as a Managed IT Services Provider is to supply our customers with ideal Service Desk assistance that allows for long-term aid and business goal achievements. You might be wondering – what is the difference between a Help Desk and a Service Desk? Of course you have this question, there is only a one-word difference between two very contrasting concepts. When you think about a helpdesk vs service desk, think about it like this. A Help Desk solves everyday IT issues and provides quick solutions. Whereas the definition of a Service Desk includes Helpdesk attributes with additional complex solutions included. So the main difference between a service desk and a help desk is their general scope and available resources. While Help Desk provides help here and now, a Service Desk as a service includes a wide range of advantages like:
  • Strategic planning. To ensure your system and IT facilities are always running smoothly, we assist you in creating an managing and information technology protection and action plan.
  • Managing Cloud storage. Whether you use hybrid or singular cloud solutions, we’ve got you covered. We have the knowledge and experienced staff to walk you through your journey of secure and expandible repository solutions.
  • Moving from one infrastructure to another. Our data sustenance gives you the technology, storage facilities, and remote management you need to change your infrastructure with ease.
  • Sustain internal changes and expanding operations. Klik’s service desk can assist you with large internal changes by offering end-user sustenance, planning, and vulnerability testing.
  • Providing 24/7 Help Desk features. We like to be there for our clients 24x7x365 that’s why we have highly-trained professionals ready to assist you with difficult IT issues at any time of day.

Helpdesk vs Service Desk – What’s The Difference?

To give you a more clear image of helpdesk and service desk differences, we’ve provided an outline of each utility: Service Desk. The meaning of a service desk is to provide a company with all-around IT support assistance like:
  • Integrated processes. By implementing combined IT software features, Klik Solution’s has the ability to give you support that provides you with unbeatable security, technical assistance, and problem resolution tactics.
  • Extensive monitoring. When deciding upon this form of support method, you’ll receive constant monitoring and uptime to guarantee business successes.
  • Compliance standards. Keeping your system up-to-date with proper compliance procedures can be a difficult task. This aid provides you with necessary and useful compliance planning and obedience.
  • User-friendly self-service platforms. As part of your service bureau requirements, you and your staff will gain access to easy-to-use knowledge bases, employee portals, and ticketing procedures.
  • Configuration management. By communicating with your configuration management databases, you’ll receive the timely and professional configurations you require.
  • Level 3 aid. Offers the most advanced level of IT maintenance.
Help Desk. This solution is often paired well with an IT service desk because the difference between helpdesk and technical support is their levels of complexity:
    • Point of contact. Help bureaus are useful because they can assess an issue and relay complex IT issues to your highly trained technical staff.
    • Tracking reinforcements. Though help desk specialists don’t have the skill-set required to resolve highly technical issues, they can still keep you in the loop.
    • Ticket deliverance. Service bureaus require a lower-level team to provide them with advanced tickets, that’s where your help desk comes in handy.
    • Basic incident resolution. Intense technical issues must be reported to higher-up technicians, but your help bureau can resolve lower-end issues for you.
    • Level 1 and 2 aid. These specialists are trained to handle novice end-user and system issues.
    • Basic self-service options. If you decided that a help desk is the way to go, you’ll still have basic knowledge portals provided to you.
  To aid in clarification, help bureaus offer lower-level novice assistance, while service desks can handle the big boy problems.

How to Decide Which One is Right for You.

The best way to decide which one is right for you is to determine the level of complexity your IT issues require. Along with the size of your business. For example, large corporations with lots of clients and end-users usually call for a full-blown service bureau. However, small to medium-sized corporations can skate by with just a help desk. Here are the levels of IT knowledge that will help you decide which one is right for you:
  • L1. Lower-level technical expertise that can solve known problems and fulfill novice assistance requests.
  • L2. Medium-level support personnel with extensive product knowledge. However, they do not hone engineer and programmer capabilities.
  • L3. High-level IT specialists, often programmers and engineers, that have extensive knowledge of consumer products, technical processes, and product creation.
If you’re only in need of Level 1 and 2 features, then a help desk should have more than enough expertise to assist your business. However, if you require a seriously advanced technical aid, a service desk is definitely the way to go.

When Both Might be the Best Option.

Finding yourself in a position where you need novice and advanced assistance can be a little tricky. Some providers don’t like to pair these features, so they can hike up individual pricing. That’s where we come in. With Klik Solutions, you’ll always have the resources you need available to you without it costing you an arm and a leg. If you own a medium to large-sized facility or organizational chain, it might be in your best interest to acquire both of these resources. At Klik Solutions, we are proud to offer assistance for all of your technical tier requirements. As an outsourced company, with headquarters in Maryland, we have the flexibility to offer your entire corporation remote IT aids. If you need a lot of help desk features and only a few service desk aids, and vice-versa, we can help you on an as-needed basis. If this assistance is more of a permanent requirement for you, we can offer an affordable fixed monthly rate. Don’t feel like you have to choose between accommodations based on your budget. With Klik Solution’s, you can receive all the features you need at a price that is manageable for you. If you still have questions or need any help with your IT, reach out to us at +1 (888)959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a consultation with a highly trained professional. We are here to help!
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