The death of Adobe Flash: What does it mean for you?

Adobe Flash
What was once a popular tool to create games is now gone. Adobe Flash Player has reached its end last January 1st, 2021. The company first revealed its plans to drop support for Flash in 2017. While Adobe won’t start blocking Flash content until January 12th, significant browsers shut it all down starting on January 1st, and Microsoft stopped it in most versions of Windows OS. Adobe has also removed download pages for Flash from official websites. The era of the famous technology for fancy interactive graphics is over.  

The Problems of Adobe Flash

Flash has been a popular tool for writing online games and publishing browser-based software for a while. However, Flash ran right inside your browser and required a complex, powerful plugin, so it has been a source of exploitable bugs itself, on top of any bugs in the user’s browser or operating system. With these in mind, Cybercriminals could use these vulnerabilities to plague users with fake or misleading content. Additionally, they can also use these vulnerabilities to escape browser restrictions, spy on browser tabs, read files off the hard disk, and implant malware on computers.

What does the end of Adobe Flash support mean for regular users?

1. It will hardly be noticeable from the user experience point of view. Currently, only 2.5% of websites utilize Flash code. 2. But Beware, the lack of support turns Flash into a security risk for all users. Since Adobe no longer plans to release any form of support for Flash, users cannot and should not expect it to remain secure in the future. 3. It is advised by Adobe to uninstall the Flash Player to avoid potential security risks. To complete this process correctly, users will need to download the proper uninstaller for their operating system version from official websites.   At Klik Solutions, we keep underlining the importance of cybersecurity. You shouldn’t ignore any potential risks, even if they seem to be minor. Klik here if you need any consultation regarding the software you use.
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