The Velvet Rope; Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

The Velvet Rope; Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

Being approved for cybersecurity insurance can feel as ambitious as getting past the velvet rope at the most exclusive club in your city. Imagine you’re safe inside, having the time of your life, without the fear of losing business, data, or money from an unexpected cyber breach. With membership here, you will be ready and able to financially recover from an attack and avoid satisfying ransom payments out of pocket. However, given the sense of comfort and luxury this insurance provides, only the best make it through the velvet rope. The requirements for entry are getting more stringent every year due to the increasingly high cost and risk factors involved with cybersecurity for all kinds of businesses. Only those who truly model their company to adhere to cybersecurity requirements will be welcomed through the velvet rope. One can’t lie or cheat their way into coverage. Your ticket in? Compliance. 

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It’s difficult for insurance companies to assess potential risks and predict exactly how much insuring your business will cost them in the future. To account for this margin of error, insurance companies increase their exclusivity, leaving room for only the VIPs of the tech world who put their money where their mouth is when it comes to cybersecurity. The difference between those who stand in line and the VIPs is the commitment to consistent cybersecurity monitoring to stay within compliance. It’s easy to pass all the requirements once and gain access to the exclusive circle initially. Nevertheless, when hackers and malware enter the scene, and it turns out you’ve let many of these requirements slide, you’ll be back in line, standing in the cold with everybody else, figuring out how to pay. The VIP understands that cyber security is an ongoing project that deserves attention just as much as any other department in a business. Adhering to compliance standards may look like cybersecurity training and security policy briefings for employees, the use of firewalls for company networks, multifactor authentication and managed permissions for user accounts, and more. 

Klik Solutions has the knowledge and connections you need to skip the line and glide right into the peace of mind with your cybersecurity insurance. Our cybersecurity experts will do the hard work for you. After familiarizing ourselves with your specific insurance policy requirements, we’ll recommend the best package for your needs and handle the security concerns without adding additional pressure to your business. Klik Cyber Assurance, Klik Cyber Operations, and Klik Cyber Defense run daily compliance checks, provide 24/7 alerts for threats detected in your network, and much more. Try something new and see what Klik’s cybersecurity packages can do to grow and protect your business. 

Comply and come party with the IT VIPs.

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