Trending Cloud Solutions for 2021

Trending Cloud Solutions for 2021
2020 was difficult for many of us and as we progress through 2021, all of us will have to accommodate fundamental changes – both temporary and permanent – and no trend is more relevant than the cloud. Cloud technology is the backbone of the data-driven, app-based tech ecosystem that has become been vital in modern businesses.   According to Forrester’s Predictions, in 2021, the public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021. Some cloud computing trends will most likely continue to evolve in the coming year. Here are four trending Cloud solutions for 2021

1. Increased demand for Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Choosing between public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure is quite challenging. Each one has its advantages and downsides when it comes to performance, security, and compliance. Due to the difference in cloud providers’ services, many organizations will most likely go for multi-cloud option in the near future. This trend will speed up erasing the barriers between cloud providers.

2. The Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cloud solutions.

With AI technology, it adapts to our needs and helps our society progress. Self-driving vehicles, smart city planning, automated health checks, and many other inventions are unimaginable without an AI-driven toolset. And one of the practical usages for any business is identifying patterns based on data and providing insights to improve a future business strategy.

3. The rise in popularity of desktop-as-a-service.

With many working from home, more people will choose to work on Virtual Cloud Desktops. This technology offered by the major cloud providers helps increase work efficiency by ensuring every team member uses up-to-date synchronized technology as long as it allows to eliminate cybersecurity risks as all devices can be managed in a centralized way.

4. Quick development of data security strategies and tools.

An increased popularity and a big volume of innovations implemented leads to a higher level of data security risks. Therefore cloud service providers are expected to come up with new sophisticated solutions to ensure cloud data security.   Cloud is the future of the business. Partnering with an experienced Cloud provider is smart to make migration to the cloud smooth and stress-free. Klik Solutions experts are here to help you to deploy cloud solutions of any level of complexity. Just CONTACT US and let us make a cloud transformation of your business easy and quick.
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