Highlighting Women in Tech: Julia Casey’s Journey

Highlighting Women in Tech: Julia Casey’s Journey

In this week’s edition of our Women in Tech series, we are thrilled to feature Julia Casey, Klik Digital Solutions Advisor. Julia’s story is a testament to the power of adaptability and the importance of diversity in the tech industry.

The Unexpected Path to Tech

Julia’s entry into the tech world was serendipitous. After Julia graduated from Towson University with a degree in marketing, a recruiter reached out after seeing that she had qualifications for the role of Marketing Coordinator. Fresh out of college, Julia had no prior experience in the technology sector. “The only technology I had experience using was my Nintendo Switch and cell phone,” she admits with a laugh. However, she embraced the challenge, after a successful interview with Klik Solutions, a local Managed Security and IT services company in Baltimore, MD.  She dove headfirst into a steep learning curve. Her college experience, which included a research paper on Apple products and an innovative concept for an immersive “Apple Universe” experience, hinted at her potential to creatively bridge technology and consumer engagement. She got the job!

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Navigating Challenges

Marketing in the tech industry presents unique challenges, especially for a B2B company. Julia explains, “Marketing for a technology company is not as easy as it seems. You must explain complex topics simply in a social media post or email.” Additionally, creating visualizations for intangible services can be particularly tricky. Despite these hurdles, Julia feels fortunate to have a supportive team. “I am lucky to have a great team that supports each other in every aspect of our work,” she shares.

Perks of the Tech Industry

While the challenges are real, so are the perks. Julia enjoys the vibrant and collaborative atmosphere at Klik Solutions. “Working at Klik is really fun. There seems to be a stigma about tech people that they are quiet, nerdy, and hard to talk to. That is not the case at Klik,” she says. The team often enjoys grilling out on Fridays or taking a ride on the Klik boat, making the workplace feel more like a community.

Excitement and Innovation

For Julia, constant innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of working in tech. “There are so many new technologies that are being developed. We have a brilliant team of people in the data analytics and IT departments.  “They are constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations,” she notes. Being part of such a dynamic environment makes her feel like she is contributing to something significant and transformative.

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Growing Opportunities

Reflecting on her journey, Julia highlights the growing opportunities for women in tech. “When I first started working here, there were not many women in the office. It was daunting at first, but after two years at Klik, we have hired so many more women, and several have been promoted to leadership positions,” she proudly states. This shift not only boosts her confidence but also reinforces her belief in her potential to grow and succeed within the company.

Julia Casey’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of adaptability and perseverance. Her journey from a newcomer to a valued team member at Klik Solutions showcases the possibilities that arise when talent and opportunity intersect.

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