Women in Tech: The Journey of Masha Shapoval

Women in Tech: The Journey of Masha Shapoval

As we delve into the world of technology and some amazing women who work in our industry, their voices and contributions continue to shape the work that we do. This week, we highlight, Maria “Masha” Shapoval, a shining example of a woman working in tech, while defying stereotypes and embracing opportunities with determination and passion. 

Masha’s journey into the world of IT wasn’t a direct one. With two master’s degrees in electrical power engineering and economics, she initially pursued a different career path. However, her innate curiosity and affinity for numbers and information analysis laid the foundation for her transition into the field of technology. 


“While studying at the institute, I became interested in IT; this field was becoming relevant, prestigious, and attractive,” Masha recalls, reflecting on her early motivations. 

Three years ago, a serendipitous encounter with a job opening for a junior data analyst at Klik Solutions changed the course of Masha’s career. Despite lacking direct experience in IT, she seized the opportunity, propelled by the prospect of innovation and personal growth. 

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“This proposal took my breath away; it was much more interesting and innovative than my work at that time, but I had no experience in this field and I was worried about that,” Masha shares. “But it turned out that the company provided training and preparation.” 

Under the guidance of her mentor, Bill Pritchard, Masha navigated the intricacies of her new role, steadily building confidence and expertise. Her journey underscores the importance of mentorship and supportive environments in fostering professional development. 

Pritchard says, “Masha is a brilliant and highly capable professional at Klik Solutions. Her expertise in technology and unwavering commitment to innovation make her an ideal fit for the role.“ 

“I love and appreciate my job and my team,” Masha affirms. “My work gives me freedom of thought, perspective, and the opportunity for constant growth, as this area is developing very quickly.” 

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Yet, Masha acknowledges the challenges inherent in being a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field. Despite lingering stereotypes, she remains steadfast in her conviction that gender should never limit one’s aspirations or capabilities. 

“For some reason, it is generally accepted that technical fields are more suitable for men. I disagree with this,” Masha asserts. “I believe that everyone can be a specialist in the field they choose, regardless of gender or age, the main thing is to have the desire and aspiration.” 

Her mantra, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” epitomizes her collaborative spirit and belief in collective progress. It’s a philosophy that resonates not only in her professional endeavors but also in her advocacy for inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry. 

To aspiring women considering a career in tech or analytics, Masha offers words of encouragement and wisdom. 

“I would advise anyone who sees themselves or dreams of starting a career in IT not to be afraid and try,” she imparts. “Now, there are many courses that provide training and increase the chances of finding your dream job.” 

Masha’s journey serves as an inspiration for women everywhere, illustrating the transformative power of perseverance, passion, and a pioneering spirit. As she continues to chart new horizons, Masha Shapoval stands as a testament to the indomitable strength and potential of women in tech!

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