Navigating New Horizons: Nafisa Sulaymonova’s Klik Solutions Experience

Navigating New Horizons: Nafisa Sulaymonova's Klik Solutions Experience

In the latest installment of our Women in Tech series, we feature Nafisa Sulaymonova, a dynamic junior business operations administrator at Klik, a fast-growing technology company. Nafisa’s journey into the tech world was instantaneous, as she was hired just six short months ago.  

Nafisa grew up in a world that had technology all around. She was always intrigued by the world of technology, but her professional experience with different aspects of technology was limited.  

“I played with gadgets like phones and computers, but never really knew how to fix them or use them for more advanced purposes,” Nafisa explains. After studying at Webster University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she returned home, eager to enter the workforce and make her mark. 

Then she was hired by Klik, where she caught the attention of Arthur and Inna Olshansky, senior leaders in the company.  

“Arthur liked my energy and wanted me to work alongside Inna, who heads business operations,” Nafisa recalls. “They were ready to teach me everything from scratch, which I deeply appreciated.” 

Now, Nafisa’s daily responsibilities support the smooth operation of Klik’s operations. She’s involved in onboarding new staff, uploading invoices, and processing quotes for essential technology purchases – all tasks facilitated by computers and software programs.  

“I make sure new employees have their documents signed and everything they need to start, including their laptops,” she says, detailing her involvement in both accounting and HR tasks through platforms like QuickBooks and Paylocity. 

What Nafisa enjoys most about her role is the human interaction and the perpetual buzz of activity that technology brings. “The best part of working in tech is the people. I love interacting with my colleagues.” 

Although her role in the company has routine tasks, she likes that every day is a little different from the others.   

However, as with all those new to the workforce she has had challenges. Nafisa started with little knowledge of the sophisticated software and technical jargon that her job required. “I began at zero. Learning how to use programs like Kaseya and Autotask was a bit overwhelming at first,” she admits. “I tried to not get too overwhelmed with all the new terminology, acronyms, and information I was constantly facing. Hearing things repeatedly and using it more helped me adapt.” Nafisa is also willing to ask questions when she has them and sometimes more than once to ensure she understands. 

When asked about the advice she would offer to those just starting, her insights reflect her own experiences and the supportive environment that shaped her time at Klik. 

“Know your WHY,” Nafisa advises emphatically. She understands that the tech world can be intimidating. “Whether it is for your family, for the thrill of the industry, or to represent women in the field, if you have a clear vision or purpose for joining an IT company, it becomes your driving force when challenges land in your path. “  

Nafisa also underscores the importance of being proactive and always seeking mentorship. She shares her personal experience working under the guidance of Inna, the head of business operations at Klik, who has been instrumental in her professional development.  

“Be confident in what you’re doing and always seek mentorship,” she states. From her perspective, having a mentor like Inna not only provides a safety net but also accelerates learning and personal growth. “I really enjoy working with Inna; she has helped me a lot and is still helping me,” Nafisa reflects. 

She candidly shares that she still seeks advice on even the most basic questions, illustrating the normalcy of continual learning and the value of having a supportive mentor. “I can’t say that what I do right now is 100% perfect or ideal. I still ask Inna questions,” 

Nafisa Sulaymonova’s story is one of growth, learning, and adaptation. Her experience highlights the impact of mentorship and the importance of workplace support in developing tech talents. Through her determination and the nurturing environment at Klik, she is learning a lot about working in the technology sector. We can’t wait to see what she will do! 

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