Women in Tech: Alina Aleksandrova: Sparking IT Creativity! 

Women in Tech: Alina Aleksandrova: Sparking IT Creativity! 

Our newest installment of our Women in Tech Series features Alina Aleksandrova, our dynamic Social Media Manager at Klik. Her unique journey into the IT sector showcases her adaptability and creative prowess in marketing the tech sector. 

Alina’s first touch with technology came through various gadgets during her childhood, from playful beginnings with pink phones to sharing tunes on her Nokia Express Music. “I always loved different technologies,” Alina recalls. Her affection for evolving tech led her to cherish the advancements of Apple products, marking the start of her interest in tech. However, Alina never envisioned that her career would take a technological turn. 

Originally forging her path in marketing within industries far from the digital world—ranging from beauty salons to e-commerce—Alina found her calling in tech somewhat serendipitously. “I joined this one tech company when they offered me a job with them without any experience. I started to learn new things. I love learning new things and implementing them as a living. Probably because I love challenges in my life,” she shared. 

Joining Klik Solutions was a pivotal moment for Alina, who has now been with the company for almost two and a half years. What drew her to Klik Solutions was not just the opportunity but also the recognition of her quick learning ability and her innovative approach to marketing by the company’s leaders, Arthur and Vita.  

Working in IT is not without its hurdles, and Alina is candid about the complexities of marketing within such a technically demanding field. “It’s really hard to work in the IT field. Sometimes it is harder to promote and find some key elements for promotion. That’s what I like—the challenge!” she exclaims with a laugh. The dynamic nature of tech advertising allows for a “wide blue ocean of creativity,” as she puts it, from devising promotional strategies to handling complex technical products. 

At times, Alina and her team face challenges, from the customer decision-making process to the development of effective advertising strategies and the visualization of technical concepts. However, the support and teamwork at Klik Solutions make these challenges manageable and rewarding. 

For other young women considering a career in tech, Alina offers encouraging words: “Not to be afraid of tech and try this field yourself. Because it’s truly amazing. You will feel like you are doing something huge and important.” She emphasizes that while tech marketing can be daunting, the key is to leverage one’s marketing savvy in tech-oriented ways. 

Alina Aleksandrova’s journey from tech enthusiast to Klik’s Social Media Manager in the IT industry highlights her role in integrating creativity with technology. Her story is a powerful reminder of how embracing challenges and continuous learning can lead to fulfilling and impactful careers in tech. 

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