Highlighting Women in Tech: Zoe Konstantoulas’s Journey

Highlighting Women in Tech: Zoe Konstantoulas’s Journey

This week, our Women in Tech series proudly features Zoe Konstantoulas, our Social Media Associate and creative force in the short video world at Klik Digital. Zoe’s journey from a high school student using Chromebooks during the COVID-19 pandemic to a dynamic video project mastermind showcases her unique blend of creativity and technical prowess.

From Chromebooks to IT Professional

Zoe’s connection to technology began in high school when everything moved online due to the pandemic. “I was always filming videos growing up, and during COVID, I used Chromebooks for literally everything like class assignments, reports—literally everything,” she recalls. This extensive use of technology sparked her interest in IT, and the appeal of the field drew her in when she needed a job. “The description was appealing, and I realized I could do what I enjoyed every day and get paid for it,” Zoe explains. Her entry into IT has been a significant learning experience, helping her learn more now than she did when she started.

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Passion for Creativity in Tech

One of Zoe’s favorite aspects of working in IT is the creative freedom it offers. “I really like being a director in a sense. I come up with ideas and tell people what to do,” she says. Although she used to edit videos, she now focuses more on filming and conceptualizing. “I get to boss people around even though they don’t always listen,” she adds with a smile. For Zoe, the joy lies in using her ideas to push creative limits, especially for social media content. She enjoys showing that people in tech have personalities and are far from the stereotype of being “weird.”

Overcoming Challenges Through Collaboration

Zoe has faced her fair share of challenges in the field, particularly when asked to do tasks she initially didn’t know how to tackle. “The challenging part is being told to do stuff I don’t know how to do,” she shares. However, she learned the importance of asking questions and seeking help. “There really is no such thing as stupid questions. Would you rather get it wrong or ask for help?” she emphasizes. This willingness to seek clarification has been crucial in overcoming obstacles and ensuring accuracy in her work.

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Proud Moments and Team Achievements

One of Zoe’s most significant accomplishments at Klik Solutions is her ability to unify her team for creative projects. “When we do our raps or movie skits, I come up with the script, direct it, and handle the costumes. It’s always challenging but rewarding,” she explains. Her projects not only bring out the team’s creativity but also push them out of their comfort zones. “Getting everyone together to put out a product that showcases everybody is really cool,” she says proudly. Zoe’s efforts foster a collaborative and innovative cultural impact.  

Zoe K.’s journey in tech highlights the power of creativity and collaboration in the IT industry, especially in digital marketing. Her story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how embracing new challenges and fostering teamwork can lead to impactful achievements.

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