Cyber Security Assessment Services

cyber security assessment services

Are you looking for a security assessment company that is able to accurately utilize cyber risk assessment services to evaluate and heighten the safety of your network? Look no further, at Klik Solutions we utilize our Security IT Services and Managed IT Services to do just that. So, you can have peace of mind within your network security assessment services.

Cyber Security Assessment Services.

Here’s how we provide top-notch cyber protection solutions to your business:

  • Cybersecurity Evaluation and Examination. This enables us to see how well your current measures are protecting your company.
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing. By using a real person to detect and exploit weaknesses in your system, we are able to see how easily someone is able to hack your network.
  • Breach and Compromise Evaluation. This test allows us to uncover unknown malware, unauthorized access, and breaches.
  • Wireless Privacy Testing. These tests are implemented to check the compliance, protection baseline, and determine the maximum distance capabilities of your system.
  • Code of Conduct. We’ll review and shape your current policies and procedures to make them more suitable for your company’s needs.
  • Compromise Examination. This network survey uncovers previously unknown threats.
  • Transportation System Protection Evaluation. This allows us to ensure the safety of your shared data.
  • ICS Exam. Lets us determine if hackers can break in through your network traffic.
  • Payment Systems Safety Assessment. To secure all of your financial data.
  • Application Safety Exam. A set of exams which enable us to test the safety of each of your applications.

Now that you’ve been informed about the types of system evaluations we offer, let’s discuss the benefits of these options.

Cybersecurity Evaluation Benefits.

These solutions come with many gains, here are the top four:

  1. Evaluate the Risk of Overall IT Use. Our processes will allow you to have a full log of your technical threats.
  2. Knowledge of Application Security. All of your applications will be fully vetted.
  3. Understanding of Previously Undetected Malware. Oftentimes, organizations run with tons of unnoticed infections. By detecting them, they have the opportunity to be reconciled and left behind.
  4. Business Efficiency. With no penetrations or leaks in sight, your company can run with optimal productivity.

Security Compliance Evaluation Solutions.

Not only do we have the ability to keep your system highly secure, but we are also able to utilize these process tests to keep your code of conduct in great shape:

  • Business Operation Navigation. Allows us to evaluate the overall efficacy of your organization by mapping your company’s outcome.
  • Policy Classification. An examination that enables us to determine the competence of your in-house procedures.
  • Data Protection and Preservation. A process that lets us ascertain the validity of your safety processes.
  • Incident Response. Accidents are bound to happen, this assessment allows us to see how well equipped your industry is to deal with these incidents.
  • Written Data Security. A test that enables us to protect your in-person details along with your cyber information.
  • HR Process. So we can have an idea of your HR management and efficiency.
  • Management Change. When it’s time for an organizational change, it’s best to have a plan. We’ll test the plan for you.
  • Training Strategy. Onboarding new employees are difficult but having a good strategy can ease the discomfort. We’ll check to see if your strategy is getting you where you need to be.

Our business is to keep yours up and running smoothly. By keeping your infrastructure safe, we are able to offer you financial stability for your organization. To learn more about our examination processes, call us at (888) 959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting.

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