Dark Web Monitoring Services

Dark Web Monitoring Services

Did you know that hackers can acquire your personal or business information using Malware and sell it on the dark web? Don’t worry, Klik Solutions can help. We offer Darknet Monitoring that allows us to detect when your information is being used maliciously in dark corners of the internet. By combining our Dark Web Monitoring Services, IT Security Services, and Managed IT Services you’ll have full coverage across your entire network and intended platforms.

Dark Web Monitoring Services.

Dark web tracking can protect so many aspects of personal and professional data leakages, including:

  • Leaked credentials and professional data exposures.
  • Dealing of personal documents or analytic property.
  • Fraudulent or mediocre transactions.
  • Threats against your business’s higher-ups, like VIP and Executive staff.
  • Pinpoint posing hackers and other potential risks.
  • Protect your private forums from breaches.

Klik Solutions can help you keep your confidential information out of the wrong hands by constantly monitoring the dark web and all of its scary corners. Here are the steps we take to implement our dark web surveillance services:

  • Use dark web monitoring tools to detect data leakages. Our threat hunters can access even the darkest pockets of the web. By scanning sources like ToR and I2P pages, criminal forums, and telegram channels in multiple languages, we can uncover exposed credentials. No matter where they are or what language they are encoded in. The second we recover your leaked data, you will receive notifications of what was exposed, possible counterfeit goods you’ve been subjected to, and phishing kits that are targeting your staff and end-users.
  • Recognize current and possible threats to your executive staff. By searching for company mentions on the forbidden web, we can uncover insider risks and precalculated attacks. Once we’ve spotted risks that are targeting your staff, the Klik team can begin observing and defusing the situation. Through unlimited searches across unrefined data, our task force can investigate and report upcoming or ongoing attacks.
  • Examine risks and construct confidentiality reports. At Klik Solutions, our expert threat hunting team implements risk-factor-based scoring and other assessments. These analyses help optimize your workflow and cut out downtime by helping us log and monitor threats in an organized environment. Once these analyses have been thoroughly reviewed, we can begin assembling user-friendly threat competency documentation. This will enable us to identify and correct system weaknesses and easy access points.
  • Evolve and heighten your security standards. After our specialized staff has carefully examined risks and constructed appropriate reports, we can start to pinpoint areas of improvement. Then we can start taking steps to increase the efficiency of your system through investigation, the creation of high-level analyses, threat actor tracking, and proactive defense orchestration.

The Values You’ll Gain.

While some advantages of this service may be obvious, these are some of our favorite perks:

  • Unmatchable visibility. All cybercriminals rely on darknet channels for illegal communication and sales. Our services allow you to have equal access to these forums so you can spot when your information may have been leaked. We can even show you how to do user-friendly scans yourself.
  • All-inclusive coverage. By using threat hunting expertise and AI-driven compliance standards, we can offer you complete threat observation over the entire lifecycle of an attack.
  • Channel observation. Most dark forums are unreported. Our services will give you access to uncharted channels, marketplaces, and communication platforms.
  • Access to threat hunters. Having highly trained threat spotters can really come in handy. Our specialists can offer you detailed analyses and monitoring processes.
  • Awareness of leaked information. At Klik Solutions, we believe in keeping you fully informed. That’s why we set up automatic notifications to alert you of suspicious events and data breaches related to your company.

Don’t get taken advantage of on the illegal internet. Klik Solutions has the right resources to detect, isolate, and protect you from current, invisible, or upcoming threat scenarios. Hesitating to reshape your cybersecurity can cost you the big bucks, so call us today at 888-959-1196

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