Endpoint Detection and Response Service (EDR)

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) service Are you looking for an Endpoint Detection and Response team that can offer cyber EDR along with in-person solutions? Well, look no further, you’ve arrived. With Klik Solutions Managed IT Services and IT Security Services you can have the best of the cloud computing and in-person IT world. And we’ll make sure that your technology is protected from IT risks every step of the way.

Endpoint Detection and Response Service (EDR)

EDR services or Endpoint Detection and Response tools are a security solution that protect your endpoints by consistently surveilling your end-user devices for suspicious activity that may indicate ransom or malware infections. EDR solutions are processes that monitor and log your endpoint systems occupations to ensure it is always running smoothly and lacking the inhibiting features of hacker software.

Instead of fixing the damages when an attack does occur, EDR security allows us to monitor, avoid, or overcome viral ware. Often before any damages can really happen. By taking these preventative measures, we are able to make certain that your infrastructure is always up to par.

An EDR Systems Main Functions

Listed below are the significant processes that EDR systems implement to protect your infrastructure:
  • Automatic Threat Detection. Because EDR platforms are consistently making notes of any endpoint irregularities, you are able to spot differences in your system in a timely manner that will actually enable you to catch a hazard before it can cause any real damage. These quick risk realizations are brought to you by behavioral analytics that allow your system to detect billions of irregularities in real-time.
  • Coincides with Threat Intelligence. By coinciding this product with threat intelligence, we are able to identify malicious activities, techniques, and procedures more efficiently.
  • Catches Threats Using a Preventative Defense. A feature that allows IT technicians to actively discover, investigate, and mitigate hazards before they can cause excess destruction to your system.
  • Supplies Real-time Logs. A process that acts like TiVo, if you still remember this product, by recording historical malicious activity. Allowing you to see risks from the past in real-time. So you can determine where a malicious presence began and how to stop it abruptly. These features include: host addresses, user accounts, ASP Key changes, process deliverance, summaries and detailed descriptions of network activity, archived file creation, and detachable media usage.
  • Increases the Speed of Ongoing Threat Investigations. Thanks to the endpoint information stored on your system, you’ll have the information and processes you need to evade or resolve hazards quickly.
  • Allows for Timely Solutions. By quarantining the infected endpoint, or network contaminant, threats have been isolated as well. Stopping the threat before it can cause any more damage to your network.

Desirable Attributes to Look for When Determining an EDR system

  1. Visibility of Endpoint.
    Real-time termination visibility is the goal. By having this feature, your system will be able to detect and isolate hazards on the spot.
  2. Threat Storage Process.
    For an EDR service to be truly effective, it is imperative that data must be collected from all endpoints with the surrounding context. Giving techs a better idea of what they’re dealing with.
  3. Behavioral Defense.
    Depending on IOCs, or indicators of compromise, alone can lead to what techs call a “silent death”. By using behavioral intelligence that locates indicators of attack, you’ll have vocalized successes.
  4. Insight and Intelligence.
    Integrating termination detection and threat intelligence gives you the tools you need to locate the context of a malicious presence. This gives your technicians more information to work from when attacking and resolving a malicious presence.
  5. Quick Response.
    The faster the response the more time you’ll have to interfere with an attack before it can evolve into a data breach.
  6. Cloud-based Fixes.
    The key is to secure zero impact for your terminal figures. This can be done by integrating cloud-based solutions and endpoint detection and response.

When you have Klik Solutions as your managed IT service provider, you are ensuring that you always have efficient security hazard elimination. To find out more, call us today at (888) 959-1196 or Klik here to set up a consultation.

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