File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring

Missing crucial breach signifiers is not hard to do. Luckily, Klik Solutions offers cloud-powered File Integrity Monitoring, or FIM, to make these incidents harder to miss. By combining our IT Security Services and Managed IT Services with File Integrity Monitoring Solutions, you’ll always be the first to know when a critical folder change has occurred. Sign with us and worry about your protection efficacy no longer.

File Integrity Monitoring.

Use our File Integrity Monitoring software, along with our other first-rate security practices, to get full visibility of your cyber atmosphere’s strengths, weaknesses, and penetration points. Below are some of the processes we use for our FIM Solutions:

  • Live-action threat intelligence. At Klik, we utilize amazing Cloud implements that let us observe your system’s critical events, suspicious changes, and general efficacy at all times. Once these events have been captured in real-time, they will be thoroughly studied to designate the suspicion or possible mal intentions of an incident.
  • Preconditioned content. We’ll help you cut out the difficult decision-making by assisting you in the creation of a fool-proof monitoring scope to improve overall compliance standards. Some of our File Integrity Monitoring tools include immediate surveillance profiles, automatic incident reports, and in-compliance assessment processes.
  • Expandable and easily maintained construction. Don’t waste your money on supplemental server software. With Klik’s Cloud platform, you’ll get File Integrity Management along with the scalability it takes to gain the performance impact you desire.
  • Integrated protection standards. By combining our Managed IT, IT Security, and Cloud services, you’ll get protection across the board. This includes threat testing, EDR services, Policy compliance, and Folder Integrity Management. When working with us, you’ll gain user-friendly dashboard management, save search capabilities, and optimal integration methods.

Klik Solutions Integrity Checker.

Get ahead of Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats, or ATPs, by utilizing our Folder Integrity checker. These threats work by accessing and altering the local documents on your server. Here are some key highlights about our integrity checker:

  • Receive notifications when changes to the sensitive data contained in your local documents occur.
  • Gain top-rated investigation methods to identify who tampered with the data derived from your company.
  • With our specialized integrity checker, you’ll have the tools necessary to easily report incidents and customize the viewability of your reports and reviews.
  • Obtain the ability to meet your compliance best practices in a faster and cost-effective manner using our integrated threat-protection services.

User-friendly Windows Integrity Observation.

Klik Solutions is a Microsoft Office 365 Managed Service Provider. Thanks to our Microsoft background, we have plenty of experience working with Windows operating systems. One of the perks of working so closely with Windows is their Security Event Manager.

Using our services to combine your Microsoft OS and Windows Security Event Manager will enable you to gain customizable files, folders, and access levels. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also choose whether you want to surveil one communication end-point or all of them.

If you’re struggling to maintain the security of your documents, call us today at 888-959-1196. Not only can we help you secure those folders, but we can also help you detect, isolate, and resolve any threats that enter your realm of productivity.

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