Managed Network Security Services

Managed Network Security Services

Having security management in your network will prove to be one of the most efficient tools in your business collection. That’s why Klik Solutions is proud to extend Managed IT Services and IT Security Services to all of our clients.

Managed Network Security Services

Below are some of the key features provided by our network protection services:

  • Durable security. By using two-factor authentication methods, technology overhaul, detailed reports, intrusion and detection responses, and application observation, we are able to offer you well-rounded protection for your servers, networks, and hardware.
  • Translucency. We pride ourselves on complete honesty. When a situation isn’t going the way we’d hoped, we make it our mission to provide you with all-inclusive reports. So, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision on what steps you’d like us to take next.
  • Compliance. Our governance team will provide you with all the guidance and documentation you need to create and implement efficient compliance standards for your system and workforce.
  • Content filtration. The Klik team will personally research your content patterns to determine undesirable programs, web pages, and text strings. Once they are identified, our task force will screen them out.
  • Improved antivirus software. At Klik Solutions, we have a myriad of antivirus features on our side. Including SIEM, EDR, Firewalls, and Malware protection. We can even run penetration tests to see where your system may be lacking.

Key Benefits

While our features can be pretty appealing, so are our overall provider pros:

  • Constant support. We want to make sure you always have the tools you need to disengage a system breach. That’s why we offer 24x7x365 support to all of our clients and all of your end-users.
  • Cost-effective solutions. Instead of paying a salary for in-house technicians to work on a break/fix basis, we’ll use preventative measures for a fixed monthly rate that is personalized and affordable for you.
  • Quick response times.Luckily, our constant support works to your benefit and ours. Because we’re always available, we can offer you less downtime and faster resolutions for minor and serious issues.

If any of these features sound optimal to you, or you just wanna hear more about our benefits, call us today at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a web meeting.

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